June 14 The Low Carb Grocery Newsletter
Volume 9
In the last newsletter, we discussed alcohol and low carb diets. In this edition, we look at a different kind of alcohol - sugar alcohols. We also want to congratulate the winner of our Dreamfields pasta contest.
What laxative effect?
Sugar alcohols is a class of sugar alternatives that are used to sweeten many sugar free and low carb products. Net carb (a rough and unofficial science) is calculated by taking the total carb count on a nutrition label and subtracting grams of fiber and grams of sugar alcohol.

If you are a carb counter, knowing about sugar alcohols is an absolute must. Hence, we want to bring you this great tip from www.lowcarb.ca (which has a great forum as well).

Here is an executive summary:

  • Sugar alcohols are neither sugars, nor alcohols, but they are carbohydrates.
  • Unlike sugar, they are more slowly and incompletely absorbed from the small intestine, thus producing a much smaller and slower rise in blood sugar ... and consequently insulin. Controlling blood sugar is key to improving energy levels, our appetites, and ultimately, our overall health Click here to learn more about the blood sugar roller-coaster.
  • Some sugar alcohols can have a laxative effect if overconsumed. This can happen for two reasons. First, because the sugar alcohols are not completely absorbed, they hold onto water in the bowel. Another consequence is that when undigested carbs reach the colon, the normal bacteria can produce gas, and bloating. Sorbitol and mannitol are the worst offenders in this department, maltitol less so.
  • The effect is dose-related. Pay attention to the serving size listed on the product label. This amount would be considered "safe" for the average adult
  • Some sugar alcohols have less laxative effect, and even less blood sugar and insulin consequence. (Erythritol, isomalt, and inulin) are a few to watch for. Sugar alcohols are not acted upon by bacteria in the mouth, and therefore do NOT cause tooth decay. In fact, xylitol actually INHIBITS oral bacteria, and is often used in sugarless mints and chewing gum for this reason.

At The Low Carb Grocery, we recommend Erythritol, xylitol, and inulin because our experience has show that the vast majority of people experience little or no laxative effect.

And for those of you who love our cheesecakes (available in-store only)... they use Xylitol =). Most Atkins products have been reformulated to not use Maltitol. Its also good to know that many products are now using a blend of Splenda and sugar alcohols to achieve great taste with little risk of laxative effect.

Most common sugar alcohols: Maltitol, Xylitol, Erythritol, Inulin.

Announcing our Dreamfields Pasta Contest Winner!
We want to thank all our subscribers who forwarded our newsletters to their friends in April and May. Each forwarded newsletter counted as one entry for the draw. Congratulations to Jerod Gollant of Richmond Hill, Ontario who has won a free case of Dreamfields Pasta.

Our winner was selected via random draw facilitated by www.random.org, and online True Random Number Service.

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