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Inspired Sweets- Sunkissed Fruit LOLLIPOPS
Dr. John
Inspired Sweets- Sunkissed Fruit LOLLIPOPS / 454g / Item #: 2341
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Dr. John Simply Xylitol candies are sugar and gluten free, and good for your teeth. Remember the days of lollipops, taffies, hard candies and caramels? They were delightful sweets but we were always told how bad candies were for our teeth. With Dr. John’s Simply Xylitol products, you can now enjoy them without worries. Dr. John uses 100% USA Xylitol*, which is a naturally occurring sugar substitute that helps to prevent cavities and the build up of plaque. Not to mention it is safe and contributes to a delicious taste that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Each candy is individually wrapped so you can take them anywhere with you and share them with friends. With Dr. John Simply Xylitol suckers, candy is no longer synonymous with cavities and sugar!

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