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Box of 16-ChocoRite PROTEIN Bars, SALTED CARAMEL
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Healthsmart Foods
Box of 16-ChocoRite PROTEIN Bars, SALTED CARAMEL / 16x34g / Item #: 8257
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Healthsmart Foods' ChocoRite Protein Bars go against the standard by creating a bar that is both low in calories and sugar. Now you can enjoy food value when you desire something a little less sweet. Incredibly moist and delicious, ChocoRite Protein continues to save you calories and carbs by reducing bad fats and carbs, and increasing fibre and protein.

In fact, ChocoRite Protein Bars are Sugar-Free/Gluten-Free, 95-115 calories, 3-6g fat, 3-4g net carbs, and 4-10g fibre.

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