Hazelnut Biscuit/Bread Roll

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Easy Low Carb Hazelnut Spread Bread
What you will need:
2 CUPS (+some for rolling out) Carbquick Bake Mix
1 TSP salt or Half Salt if you’re watching your sodium
4 TBSP Go-Lo Hazelnut spread
2 DROPS Flavorall any flavour (optional)
3/4 CUP Water
1/2 CUP Cream *Optional, however you do need to add 1/4 cup water in it’s place as water is thinner
1/4 CUP Cream Cheese *the picture shows 1/2 cup as the recipe had originally called for it but I ended up with some left over as I didn’t want the inside of the roll to be too thin
1/8th- 1/4 CUP Butter

1. Place Carbquick in a large bowl with salt and create a well in the center. This makes incorporating easier in next steps.
2. Mix water and cream together and add the Carbquick. Slowly incorporate these together. Try not to over mix in this step