Recommended Low Carb Books

From cookbooks to science books, diet manuals to motivational manuals, we share our faves with you. There are many great options if you want to read more about the methods and benefits of living the low carb lifestyle. In addition to cookbooks filled with delicious recipes to inspire you, there are also several books on the scientific reasoning behind low carb diets and why they work, and books that focus on a single dietary option, such as The Atkins Diet, The Dukan Diet, or The Zone. Below, find reviews and descriptions of some of The Low Carb Grocery’s favourites. As new books come out, we’ll be updating this page to keep us cutting edge, so check back often!


Learn More About The Low Carb Lifestyle

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Discover the benefits of living low carb, and find out how easy it can be to make the change! Learn more about the different low carb diets out there, and find out which plans might be right for you. Read about what vitamins and nutrients may be lacking in your diet, and what supplements you should be taking. Check out some of our favourite low carb recipes for every meal and get inspired by your diet!