Low Carb Vegetarian/Vegan Protein Products in Canada

The best price and selection for low carb Vegetarian/Vegan Protein products.

Look no further for low carb vegetarian and vegan protein powder options! Plant-based protein powders are more ethical and sustainable and provide many of the same nutrients as other protein powders. Not only can plant-based protein sources build muscle and aid in post-workout recovery, but they also offer a number of other health benefits and deliver a broader range of nutrients. Whether you are looking for a protein powder that is compliant with your plant based low carb or ketogenic diet, or just looking to try something new, check out our vegan protein options below!

Browse vegan keto protein powders from No Sugar Company. These delicious protein powders contain no added sugars, artificial sweeteners or other artificial ingredients. They are packed with healthy plant-based fats to provide the nutritional support your body needs to burn fat as fuel and get into ketosis quickly. This can help increase energy levels to prepare you for the day ahead or fuel a great workout!

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