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Hazelnut Biscuit/Bread Roll

Easy Low Carb Hazelnut Spread Bread

2 CUPS (+some for rolling out) Carbquick Bake Mix
1 TSP salt or Half Salt if you’re watching your sodium
4 TBSP Go-Lo Hazelnut spread
2 DROPS Flavorall any flavour (optional)
3/4 CUP Water
1/2 CUP Cream *Optional, however you do need to add 1/4 cup water in it’s place as water is thinner
1/4 CUP Cream Cheese *the picture shows 1/2 cup as the recipe had originally called for it but I ended up with some left over as I didn’t want the inside of the roll to be too thin
1/8th- 1/4 CUP Butter

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1. Place Carbquick in a large bowl with salt and create a well in the center. This makes incorporating easier in next steps.
2. Mix water and cream together and add the Carbquick. Slowly incorporate these together. Try not to over mix in this step

Thoughts from The Low Carb Grocery

It’s always funny to see people you know from work or school outside of where you usually see each other. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who has avoided someone they know in public because I don’t feel my best that day.

Recently I was doing my regular grocery shopping at my local grocery store (fun fact, Low Carb Employees do shop at regular stores too), when I happened to bump into one of our regular customers. Obviously I just wanted to run and hide down the next isle as this happened to be the day I thought “I wont see anyone I know, I’ll just throw on this over sized sweater and some shorts” to do all my errands.

It took her a moment recognize me outside of my uniform, but we quickly started to chat about our week.  As the conversation continued I noticed she kept glancing in my cart. I didn’t really think anything of it until she said:

“I have to say I am surprised you have these items in your cart! I always figured you guys just told us what we should be picking up at your store, I had no idea you ate low carb as well!”

To be honest for some reason I thought this comment was a little funny at first. I’ve seen some of our regular customers outside of the store, but none of them have ever commented on what I was eating or doing at that time.

Recently some of you might have noticed on our home page we have changed our video from a video about our company and employees to a beautiful video about some of the challenges that our customers faced either before or during their diet. I thought this was a great video as it’s a way to show that we’re all struggling at some point with either weight gain or keeping at the weight we want to be!

I think as a community we as the Low Carb Grocery stand united in that we all want to be healthy; this is our lifestyle.  We all want to feel included in something bigger than just our own diets.  One of the best things is that on our Facebook page there seems to always be a steady stream of compliments, recipes and words of encouragement to both the store and to other low carbers!

I suppose as summer comes to a close and we return either back to work or back to school it gets easier to sink back into the “I’ll just grab something on the way” , “I don’t have time to prep anything for dinner there are too many things to do” or my personal mantra “I don’t have time for breakfast” routines.  Although I know these are easier alternatives to the sometimes challenging Low Carb Lifestyles we at the Low Carb Grocery  just wanted to let all of you know that we are here for you every step of the way. ( We do not however provide meal plans and or endorse one low carb diet over another:) we simply share what recipes/ tips and tricks we have used in our lives!)

Some fun/ Quick Tips to help with day to day Low Carbing:

-When finding recipes online try using the word “quick”, these typically bring up faster easier day to day recipes
-Drink a lot of water! Everyone knows we need water to function, but did you know it’s shown to help with weight loss *
-Don’t skip breakfast. Period. If you’re busy in the morning try making a quick shake to take with you! About Time is my personal favourite. ( If anyone has tried the birthday cake please tell me what it’s like!)
-Talk to others about what they do and how they are finding their journey going.


Most importantly remember that we’re here to help you! We really understand your challenges and want to see you succeed in a healthier life!

*according to

Low Carb Mini Doughnut Brownies

Brownie Doughnut

Finally, a moist fudgy brownie that tastes like a doughnut and looks like it belongs in the most exquisite of bakeries.
This simple recipe is easy to follow, delicious to eat, and an easy way to impress!

For this picture we used Mini Bunt Cake pans.
However you could just as easily use a 8×8 pan for square brownies. The only change would be needing to triple the White Chocolate Glaze recipe to cover the brownie tray.

Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Baking Time: Between 15-50 minutes depending on  the size of brownie tray
Oven Temperature: 400 degrees F
Difficulty: Easy

For the Brownie  you will need the following:
1 Package Doctor Carbrite Fudgy Chocolate Brownie Mix
1/2 cup Coconut Oil (in place of butter called for on back of product)
1 teaspoon Water
3 eggs (these are optional, they will however give your brownies a cakier texture; as well are a great way to get in your protein for the day)
For the White Chocolate Glaze you will need: 
2-3 Bars Ross White Chocolate depending on the amount of glaze you want
1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon Coconut Oil

Baking Equipment:
1 8×8 square baking pan
1 9×13 rectangle baking pan
Optional: Muffin Tins will shorten your baking time, however you do need to keep a closer eye on your brownies. Depending on your Muffin Tin you may also need to find a larger second baking pan than the above 9×13 rectangle for the following steps.

1. Gather all ingredients needed.
2. If using eggs, crack all 3 eggs in a bowl and whisk enough to break the yolks.
3. In a large mixing bowl combine brownie mix,  coconut oil, eggs, and water.
Using an an electric mixer beat for about 30 seconds until ingredients come together.
If mixing by hand,  some people find it easier to warm the coconut oil in the microwave for 10 seconds on power level 70 to soften it; this will make      it easier to combine.
4. Pour into the GREASED 8×8 baking pan or muffin tin.
5. Pour into a greased 8×8″ square baking pan and set into the larger baking pan. Pour enough hot water into the larger baking pan to come up 1″           up the side of the square pan.
6. Place both pans into the preheated oven.
7. Bake for the correct amount of time depending on your baking pan. See Below:
8×8″ Pan      40-50 Minutes
Muffin Tins 10-20 Minutes
The best way to tell if your brownies are done is by inserting a tooth pick into the center, if it comes out clean it’s done and you will have more cake like brownies. If it comes out with a little bit of batter you’re going to have fudgier brownies.

Making the White Chocolate Glaze

1. Break apart the Ross White Chocolate into a microwave safe bowl. Add the coconut oil.
2. Microwave for 10 seconds on power level 70 . Stir. Repeat x 2 stirring between each microwave. Your chocolate should be melted by now, if there are little chunks stir the chocolate mixture until they melt. DO NOT continue to microwave past this point as it is very easy to burn this chocolate.


When brownies have cooled to the touch, pour melted chocolate over top and voila! You’ve got yourself a delicious dessert that is sure to please the pickiest of eaters!

Assuming the 8×8 Brownie Recipe was used
Per serving this dessert is equal to:
193 Calories
38.7 Carbs – 3 g Fibre – 29 g Sugar Alcohol
= 6.7 g Net Carbs (including the glaze)
=1.5g Net Carb (without the Glaze

*Notes, Ross Chocolate contains Maltitol, which is known to have slightly laxative effects if consumed in excess. If you find you are senstive to this chocolate, any of our other chocolates including: ChocoPerfection ,  Rene Rey, or Lily’s Chocolates would work in its place.