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indian recipes the low carb way

Low Carb Indian Recipes

Five Unique, Delicious Low Carb Indian Recipes

Aromatic, bold, and exciting flavours abound in the world of Indian cuisine. Thanks mostly due to the spices and seasonings used to prepare many of the signature dishes of India, these recipes are popular around the world for their big, spicy flavours and intriguing use of unusual ingredients.

One of the main spices used in curry is tumeric, which has many well documented health benefits, such as weight loss, arthritis and joint pain, general skin health and many more. Learn more about all the health benefits and how you can use turmeric supplements in addition to some of the great curry dishes below.

Many people on the low carb diet steer clear of Indian cuisine simply because of its prominent use of things like rice or naan bread. Fortunately for those living the low carb lifestyle, there are many dishes in the realm of Indian cuisine that are low carb, and many more that can easily have the carbs reduced by making a few smart substitutions.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the common sources of carbs in Indian foods, as well as some of the ways that you can easily cut those carbs out. In addition, we’ve also gathered together some of the best low carb Indian recipes we’ve ever found. Let’s start with an overview of some of the common themes of Indian food, and where most of the carbs can be found.

Sources of Carbs in Indian Cooking

There are several common sources of carbs in Indian cuisine, so it’s important to be aware of them so you can order smart at Indian restaurants and avoid choosing dishes to make at home that may not be a great fit for the low carb diet.

The most common source of carbs in Indian food comes from rice, which is in many of the most popular dishes from that region. Fortunately, rice can easily be omitted from most of them entirely.

Naan bread is another very popular part of Indian cuisine. This warm flatbread is generally used as a side dish or accompaniment for many types of dishes. Since naan is such a yummy part of Indian foods, it would be a shame to have to skip it, so we’ve found this amazing recipe for a low carb naan bread that you can make at home to go with your favourite meals.

Other sources of carbs common in Indian foods include the pastry used to create samosas, as well as ingredients such as potatoes, lentils, chickpeas, or other types of peas and legumes. Recipes that are heavy on those types of ingredients should be avoided by low carb dieters, as well as those that use flour to thicken sauces. In cases of flour thickeners, you can easily use an alternative low-carb thickener like the ones we describe in our guide to low carb gravy and sauces.

That about covers it for things to keep an eye on when it comes to planning your low carb Indian feast, so let’s move on to a collection of recipes that are sure to make a regular appearance on your meal plans.

Indian Spiced Roast Chicken

If your family is anything like ours, you’ll probably agree that a whole roast chicken for dinner is always a big hit. This recipe adds some exciting new flavours to your chicken, and always comes out tender and juicy. The combination of curry, garlic, ginger and onions produce a mesmerizing aroma that will have your mouth watering. It’s just a little bit spicy, but you can always adjust the quantity of any of the seasonings to your preference, making it enjoyable for everyone’s palette.

Whole Roasted Tandoori Cauliflower

No need to chop up that cauliflower for this recipe, because we’re going to roast the whole thing in one big piece! Tandoori cooking is one of the most well-known signatures of Indian cuisine, and it’s not hard to see why. The distinctive blend of spices and seasonings tastes fantastic, and its unmistakable red colouring adds some visual flair to your meal.

Like any other spice blend, the heat of this recipe can easily be amped up or toned down by adjusting the amount of cayenne or chili powder to your taste. Experiment with different levels until you find your perfect balance of flavour and heat.

Low Carb Indian Butter Chicken

This is another dish that is popular the world over for its delectable savoury flavour which is perfectly suited to soft, tender chicken. While commonly served with rice, this particular recipe leaves the rice out and serves the sauce and chicken alongside oven roasted cauliflower, producing a hearty and healthy low carb meal the whole family will love.

30-Minute Paneer Cheese

Any chef who ventures in to the world of Indian cooking will definitely want to learn how to make paneer cheese, which is a type of non-aged cheese unique to the region. Paneer is used in many different Indian recipes, and while you can typically find it in the specialty cheese section of grocery stores, making it at home is easy and fast.

This recipe shows you how to make your own authentic paneer cheese in just 30 minutes using only a small set of ingredients.

South Indian Style Egg Curry

What list of Indian foods would be complete without a great curry recipe? For our final entry in this collection of low carb Indian recipes, we bring this incredible egg curry dish prepared in the style of southern Indian chefs. This is a rich, hearty, and warmth-filled meal that is sure to make you come back for seconds, or maybe even thirds.

Serve this recipe with a side of the low carb naan bread that we mentioned earlier, or try it with Joesph’s Bakery lavash bread, either way, you’ll definitely love the results!


If you’ve never made a foray in to the world of Indian foods, we certainly hope this article has inspired you to start experiencing the wonderful collection of tastes that it has to offer. As you can see, it’s not all about super-spicy foods or big quantities of rice. There is a wide array of recipes to explore, and we’re sure that everyone will be able to find something new to enjoy.

For anyone who wants the taste of India but is short on time, you can find tasty prepared sauces that are a perfect fit for the low carb diet, like this Indian Curry Sauce from Mr. Spice. It’s a great way to save time and still get a delicious Indian-inspired meal ready to serve.

The next time you update your weekly meal plan, try including one or two of these tasty dishes and experience the bold flavours of Indian cuisine!

make sushi at home

Make Low Carb and Keto Sushi at Home

Tips and Tricks for Making Low Carb and Keto Sushi at Home

Sushi is renowned for being a very healthy type of cuisine, and its popularity is increasing across Canada by leaps and bounds. For low carb dieters, sushi can be a fantastic addition to your meal plan, but many people are apprehensive about trying to make it at home since it is so different from typical North American cooking styles. In addition, there are a few things to consider about sushi when on the low carb diet, as there can be a much higher carb count in some varieties than you’d expect.

In this particular article, we will generally be speaking about maki sushi, which is also commonly known as a sushi roll and is usually the style of sushi most frequently seen on menus around the country. Here, we will be sharing the tips and tricks on how to make sure your sushi stays very low in carbs and tastes absolutely delicious.

While maki sushi can be made from a vast array of potential ingredients, there are some that are common to virtually all the different types of maki rolls. Most maki rolls start with a thin sheet of nori, which is made from a special type of Asian seaweed, which contains virtually no carbs at all. Most of the carb content in sushi will come from the rice, and from secondary ingredients such as the sugar found in teriyaki sauce, for example.

Substituting the ingredients in sushi that contain carbs involves finding alternatives to the rice, and low-sugar or sugar-free options for any sauces or marinades that you intend to use. The recipes below have everything you need to know to make low carb sushi, but if all you need is a rice substitute, check out this method for making low carb sushi rice from a simple set of ingredients and cauliflower. If your recipe calls for a common Asian sauce like teriyaki or hoisin, be sure to look for products that better suit the low carb diet to help keep the sugar to a minimum.

Tools You’ll Need to Make Sushi

There are actually very few things that you’ll need to make your sushi at home. With only a few tools, you’ll be all ready to begin. The first thing you’ll need is a sushi mat, which is what is used to roll the sushi up in to the familiar maki style before it is cut in to individual pieces. Sushi mats are traditionally made from bamboo, but other materials that are flexible and non-stick are also available.

The other common tool that is used to help prepare sushi is a wide, flat paddle to spread the ingredients in to thin layers of even thickness. Again, the traditional and most popular material for these paddles is bamboo, but like sushi mats, can also be made from other common non-stick kitchen materials.

To get setup, we recommend this bamboo sushi mat and paddle set from Helen’s Asian Kitchen. It has a classic style, just like the ones used at authentic sushi restaurants.

If you already have a suitable paddle, and just need a mat, here’s a top-quality silicone sushi mat from Lékué. The silicone is hygienic, non-stick, dishwasher-safe and will last a very long time.

Now that you’ve got the gear you need and have a good idea on how to keep things low in carbs, let’s move on to some delicious keto friendly sushi recipes!

Keto Sushi Rolls

This recipe is a great place to start for sushi beginners, and it covers all the essentials from start to finish, including making their own variation of cauliflower sushi rice. The end result is a tasty low carb and keto friendly California roll with fresh salmon, firm avocado, and crisp cucumbers. A little cream cheese adds a bit of extra flavour to this recipe.

For even more help on making this version of low carb keto sushi, here’s the how-to video from that guides you through this recipe step-by-step.

No-Rice Keto & Low Carb Sushi Rolls

This unique variation on sushi actually does away with the rice component entirely, focusing instead on the fresh taste of the vegetables and the wonderful flavour of smoked salmon. This recipe for no-rice sushi rolls is perfect for making in smaller quantities when all you want is a fresh and healthy snack. Plus, since it’s smoked salmon instead of fresh, anyone who has an aversion to the idea of raw fish will be happy with this option.


If you have been missing sushi since you started your low carb diet because of the rice component, then worry no more because sushi is back on the menu! As you can see, making sushi the low carb and keto way is really not all that complicated. With the right tools and a little bit of practice, you’ll be rolling up your maki just like the experts.

Sushi is a great type of cuisine for those of us who like to experiment with different combinations of ingredients, searching for our own special discovery of new flavours. Don’t be afraid to try swapping in different vegetables, sauces, or other ingredients. You never know when you’ll stumble on to the next great taste!

summer bbq recipes

5 Low Carb BBQ Recipes for 2018

Five Delicious Low Carb Barbecue Recipes to Kick-off Summer

Summer is here, and we want you to make the most out of every moment with these amazing low carb barbecue recipes. Planning the perfect summer party with family and friends is a great time to get creative and try some exciting new recipes, as well as a few classics that everyone will be craving when the sun is shining and the laughter starts flowing.

Getting Ready to Grill

Before you throw any food on your grill, you’re going to want to make sure that it’s clean and ready to go for the summer. This means giving it a thorough cleaning and inspection to make sure everything is working properly. Having a clean grill is essential to getting the best results from your cooking, so check out our complete guide to cleaning your grill and make sure that your barbecue is ready for a summer full of delicious low carb grilling.

If you’re planning a big get-together with friends and family, a little bit of preparation the night before the big event can make things a lot easier when guests start arriving. There are plenty of simple things you can do to save time, such as preparing condiments, toppings, salads, and beverages, as well as organizing dishes, napkins and utensils the night before. That way all you have to do is settle the guests on the picnic table and you’re ready to serve.

You’ll also want to make sure that all your grilling gear is clean and at the ready. Break out your tongs, skewers, flippers, thermometers, and most importantly a cool apron for the grill master to wear, such as this awesome ‘Eh Team’ apron that any Canadian griller would love.

Now that you’re sufficiently geared up and ready to cook, let’s take a look at 5 amazing recipes that will be a huge hit at your next backyard barbecue.

Grilled Shrimp Scampi Skewers

We’re starting out this list with a fresh and light option that seafood lovers will definitely appreciate. Cooking with skewers is a great way to keep things easy and fast, since the smaller individual pieces of food will cook quickly, and you can prep them all early when cooking larger quantities. This recipe combines fresh shrimp with savoury garlic butter and the tang of lemon for a light and delicious meal that’s simple to make and perfect for the low carb diet.

Low Carb Jerk BBQ Ribs

Now let’s spice things up a bit with the unmistakable taste of Caribbean jerk seasoning. There’s nothing quite like perfect barbecue ribs, and the added kick of the jerk spices make this recipe even better. Preparing these takes a bit of extra time to achieve the best results, but when you taste the final product, these fall-off-the-bone ribs are totally worth it. The sauce is a tasty combo of sweet and spicy, which will leave you licking your fingers and very satisfied.

Low Carb Potato Salad

Okay, so this particular recipe isn’t prepared on the grill, and it doesn’t actually contain potatoes, but what backyard barbecue would be complete without some cool, fresh, delicious salads to go with your meal? This low carb version of classic potato salad swaps out the potatoes for other vegetables including turnip, rutabaga, cucumbers, celery root, and cauliflower to create a delicious taste experience that your family and friends will devour. One taste, and you’ll know why we put it on this list!

BBQ Bacon Cheese Hot Dogs

Now here’s a hot dog that you’ll never forget! These incredible creations are the result of merging gourmet hot dogs with gouda cheese, bacon, and your favourite low-sugar or sugar-free barbecue sauce. These bad boys are equally good on their own, or nestled in a nice, toasted low carb hot dog bun and loaded with tasty toppings. Whichever way you prefer to eat these dogs, we guarantee that you’ll be back for more, again and again.

Brie and Caramelized Onion Stuffed Burgers

If you thought we were going to end this article with a run-of-the-mill beef burger, then think again. These incredible burgers are anything but ordinary! The juicy, 100% beef patties are stuffed with hot and melty brie cheese and delectable grilled onions that are simply made for each other. You’ll love these just as much on their own with a side of cool, fresh salad as you will on a light and fluffy low carb hamburger bun. Serve these up at your next barbecue, and don’t be surprised if you get a standing ovation.


There’s just nothing that compares to the relaxed atmosphere and fun experiences of a backyard barbecue on a warm, sunny day. It’s simply one of the best ways to spend time outdoors with friends and family and create memories that will last a lifetime. Serving up a great meal that both satisfies every guest and fits the low carb lifestyle can be easy, especially with recipe ideas like this to choose from.

Stocking up your kitchen with healthy and delicious ingredients for your barbecue menu is a breeze when you stop by The Low Carb Grocery or shop with us online. We’ve got a wide range of low carb buns to cradle your burgers and dogs, as well as a huge selection of condiments, seasonings and dressings to choose from. This summer, you’ll be loving the low carb lifestyle even more!

low carb noodles from al dente

Low Carb Noodles from Al Dente Carba Nada

Experience the Difference with Al Dente Carba Nada Noodles

Pasta is one of those foods that many who are just starting out on the low carb diet often believe is off-limits, which is understandable, but not entirely correct. Traditional wheat pastas and noodles are definitely higher in carbs than what you should be including on your low carb meal plans, but this doesn’t mean that pasta needs to be taken off the menu completely. There are many different types of alternative noodles that you can use to make an amazing pasta dish that has the authentic taste you’re looking for but keeps the carb count very low.

Al Dente Pasta is one of the top brands in the world of low carb noodles with their Carba Nada line of products. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Al Dente brand and what their philosophy is behind how they make their noodles. We’ll also explore the different kinds of low carb noodles that they offer as part of their Carba Nada line, as well as a couple of fun recipe suggestions that you can use to put a healthy and low carb pasta meal on the table that the whole family will love. Let’s get started!

About Al Dente Pasta

The origins of Al Dente Pasta Company go back as far as 1980, when founder Monique Deschaine was in New York City and started to notice a big shift in the food culture. There was a huge spike in interest in different cuisines from around the world, and Italian food saw a massive surge in popularity across the country. Taking inspiration from renowned Italian food guru Marcella Hazan and learning expert pasta making techniques, Monique quickly started her own pasta company dedicated to top-quality products made the old-world way, which is still the driving force of Al Dente Pasta to this day.

What Makes Carba Nada Pasta Different?

Traditional Italian pasta is made primarily from a wheat flour called semolina, which is a big part of why the pasta has such a distinctive taste and texture. Unfortunately, semolina flour is also where the majority of the carbs in the pasta come from. To help solve this problem for low carb dieters, Al Dente developed their own proprietary blend of ingredients for their line of Carba Nada low carb pasta that significantly reduces the quantity of semolina flour used to make the noodles. They use high-protein soy flour and fibre in order to supplement the semolina and produce a noodle that has the classic Italian taste and texture that you want, at a much lower overall carb count when compared to traditional pasta.

Popular Al Dente Carba Nada Products

Al Dente has a world-famous reputation for delicious pasta, and their Carba Nada line includes some exciting flavours that add extra flair to your meals. Our customers definitely agree that Carba Nada has a great taste, and the fact that these noodles are ready in just 3-5 minutes means that you can have a delicious meal delivered to your table fast.

For a classic pasta taste, Carba Nada Egg Fettucine noodles are a great option to help keep the carbs under control in all your favourite Italian pasta dishes. Plus, they are high in protein, and 100% free of GMO as well as being kosher and vegetarian friendly.

If you’re a fan of the flavour of basil, then you’ve got to try these Basil-infused Fettuccine noodles. They’ve got just enough basil in them to add a nice, savoury accent to your meal and are the perfect way to give a classic Italian pasta sauce a bit more character.

If garlic is what you love in your pasta, then these Roasted Garlic Fettuccine noodles are the answer. These noodles are the perfect way to complement an Alfredo sauce, or any other pasta recipe that would benefit from a little extra bit of garlic.

For a unique twist in your noodles, we recommend you give these Lemon Pepper Fettuccine noodles a try. With a bit of lemon juice and a subtle hint of cracked peppercorns, these noodles give any pasta dish a fresh new taste that you’ll love.

With all these styles of pasta to choose from, we’re sure that you’ve already started running through your favourite pasta recipes in your head and trying to choose which one to make next. If you can’t decide, and need some additional inspiration, we’ve found a couple of great recipes on the Al Dente Pasta website that you can use to really bring out the best in your Carba Nada noodles.

Tuna Pasta with Spinach and Capers

This recipe is deceptively simple, but the result is a wonderful combination of zesty, savoury and salty. This one is perfect for the classic taste of Carba Nada egg fettuccine noodles and can easily be customized by adding your favourite Italian ingredients like fresh tomatoes or olives.

Broccoli Rabe with Chickpeas

If you’re already sold on the roasted garlic Carba Nada noodles and need a recipe to go with them, try this fantastic creation. It’s a little bit spicy, and extremely delicious. It’s also easy to turn this in to a Marsala recipe with the addition of some red wine to the mix. Definitely yummy!


As far as pasta is concerned, we are big fans and love the fact that brands like Al Dente have made such delicious low carb noodles to choose from. It seems like everyone has their own favourite types of pasta, and with the great Carba Nada products from Al Dente, you can add even more personalization to your meal by experimenting with the different flavours. Perhaps try the roasted garlic noodles with a nice alfredo sauce or boost your Bolognese with the taste of the basil noodles.

Whatever you decide, we’re confident that you’ll be glad you chose Al Dente Carba Nada noodles to complete your meal.

low carb treats from atkins

Atkins Endulge Low Carb Treats & Snacks

Enjoy Decadent Low Carb Treats with Atkins Endulge

Chocolate lovers know the challenge of finding a really good quality low-sugar or sugar free chocolate treat that has the right taste and texture to satisfy those cravings. All too often, it seems like you have to trade great chocolatey flavours for low sugar content or make concessions on your meal plan in order to accommodate the extra sugar of your favourite sweet treat. If this sounds familiar, then we’re here to tell you about the wonderful line of delicious Endulge treats from Atkins.

As one of the world’s leading low carb brands, Atkins knows the importance of adhering to the rules of your low carb lifestyle and makes a broad range of products specifically to meet those needs without sacrificing great taste. We’re going to take a look at the wide variety of sweet and chocolatey products that Atkins offers, and we’re sure you’ll agree that their Endulge treats are the perfect fit for your low carb diet.

Atkins Endulge Bars

We’re no strangers to the cravings that we all get from time to time for the classic taste of a chocolate covered candy bar, which is why we’re big fans of Atkins Endulge bars. These bars are a convenient and delicious snack for those mid-afternoon energy slumps, or any time when you feel like a taste of rich, decadent chocolate. Atkins Endulge bars are available in many different flavours to suit a wide range of taste preferences. You can choose from Chocolate Caramel Mousse, Chocolate Covered Coconut, Caramel Nut Chew, and more. Each Atkins Endulge bar contains no more than 1g of sugar, making them a guilt-free treat for low carb dieters. Browse our selection of Atkins Endulge Bars.

Atkins Endulge Trail Mix, Nuts & Chocolate Candies

For those of us who prefer to munch on smaller-sized sweet treats, Atkins Endulge also includes a selection of products such as Trail Mix, Chocolate Covered Almonds, Candy Coated Peanuts, and Chocolate Candies. Just like Endulge bars, these treats contain no more than 1g of sugar per serving, and they taste absolutely delicious. These treats are perfect for pouring in a bowl and sharing with family and friends over some great conversation, or as a fun snack for your next weekend movie night.

Atkins Endulge Chocolate Treats

Of all the Endulge treats, these are definitely the most decadent and if you didn’t know they were from Atkins, you’d never suspect they were low sugar. Choose from Peanut Butter Cups, Caramel Filled Chocolates, Nutty Fudge Brownies, and Pecan Caramel Clusters to satisfy your need for smooth, creamy chocolate. Our customers consistently give rave reviews for the taste and texture of these treats and love the fact that they can enjoy a truly delicious chocolatey snack without hurting their low carb diet progress.

What Do Low Carb Grocery Customers Think?

Our customers really can’t say enough good things about Atkins Endulge treats. Here are just a few of the 5-star reviews our customers have taken the time to leave for their favourite Atkins Endulge products.

For the Atkins Endulge Chocolate Covered Coconut Bar: “This is my favorite Atkins bar, it’s tastes so good, wouldn’t know it was low carb. The coconut is so good in the bar and the chocolate is great too!”


For the Atkins Endulge Peanut Butter Cups: “These tasted so yummy! If you have a chocolate craving definitely give these a try! They are my new favourite dessert!”

For the Atkins Endulge Chocolate Covered Almonds: “Fantastic! Taste just like any other chocolate covered almonds that I have had. Nice size serving, too. Will definitely order these again.”

There are plenty more stellar reviews to read that will have you rushing to order your own supply of these delicious little treats. Atkins Endulge are the perfect combination of low sugar content, great taste, and satisfying serving size for low carb dieters to enjoy as part of their regular routines. Browse our entire selection of Atkins Endluge treats and place your order today to experience these fantastic flavours for yourself.


For low carb dieters that have struggled to find a chocolatey treat that really delivers an authentic taste, Atkins Endulge are exactly the treats you’ve been waiting for.

Whether you are all about the crunch of a candy-coated chocolate morsel, or prefer smooth caramel filling, or cannot wait to sink your teeth in to a soft, chewy fudge brownie, you can’t go wrong with this line of quality snacks from Atkins.

Just don’t be surprised if the rest of your family tries to sneak some of your snacks, so you may need to guard them carefully!

coconut products nuco

Nuco Premium Coconut Products

Introduction to Nuco Premium Coconut Products

Coconuts have long been known as a very healthy food with lots of versatility in different types of cuisine. Coconut has many uses, including as an accent flavour in many different types of tropical and Asian dishes, as an ingredient in delicious desserts, and as a very tasty part of some popular drinks and beverages. Of course, things don’t stop there. You can now find all kinds of innovative coconut-based food products that are perfect for the low carb diet, and in this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at Nuco, one of the top brands in the world of coconut products.

History of Nuco Premium Coconut Products

The origins of Nuco begin in the Phillipines, where coconuts are one of the chief exports and a significant part of the national economy. Many Filipino farmers depend on the coconut for their livelihood, and the impacts of changes in the coconut industry have far-reaching effects on people across the country.

Nuco was created in order to have a positive influence on the people of the Phillipines who depend on the coconut industry, as well as bring the many health and nutritional benefits of coconuts in to a more prominent position in world food markets. In addition, Nuco is involved in several other social and environmental improvement projects as part of their commitment to affecting positive change in the world.

Through these efforts, Nuco has developed many different types of premium coconut food products that are sold all over the world, in supermarkets and specialty grocers like The Low Carb Grocery. Now, let’s take a look at some of the popular products that you can find from Nuco.

Nuco Coconut Wraps

It can be difficult to find a tasty and healthy wrap that meets the needs of the low carb diet, but these wraps from Nuco are a perfect option. These wraps are made from 100% organic coconut meat, oil, and water. They’re amazingly thin, and yet are soft and flexible, making them perfect for a wide variety of different low carb recipes and meals.

Available in several different flavours such as cinnamon, turmeric, and moringa, these wraps are also suitable for paleo, keto, and gluten free diets. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, they also last an amazingly long time and have a shelf life of up to 12 months, even at room temperature. You’ve got to give these wraps a try! Shop Nuco Coconut Wraps here.

Nuco Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of those foods that has a wide range of uses and has an extremely impressive list of health benefits. The ingredients in coconut oil have been shown to have positive effects on the immune system, skin, hair and more. Here’s a short video from Nuco outlining several of these benefits:

Nuco offers a wide range of coconut oils that are 100% organic, and are available in several different flavours, such as garlic and lemon herb. Browse our full selection of Nuco coconut oils here.

Nuco Coconut Crunch Cereal

Sometimes the best things in your kitchen are the simplest, and this cereal from Nuco delivers a fantastic crunch and great taste with only three main ingredients. Made from organic coconut meat, coconut water, and palm starch, Nuco Coconut Crunch cereal is an excellent source of fiber, and is suitable for low carb, paleo, and vegan diets. If your breakfast routine is getting boring and you want a healthy new cereal option, try Nuco Coconut Crunch Cereal today.

Nuco Coconut Vinegar

You may not know that coconuts can be used to make vinegars, but Nuco has proven that you certainly can and that they are definitely delicious! Utilized in cooking in similar ways to apple cider vinegars, Nuco coconut vinegars can often be used as a substitute to apple cider vinegar to offer a different flavour along with many health benefits. Nuco coconut vinegars are rich in amino acids, and high in vitamins and minerals. You can find Nuco coconut vinegars in many different flavours such as balsamic, chili & ginger, garlic, and more. Shop our entire selection of Nuco coconut vinegars here.


It’s no secret that coconuts are a versatile food, but you may not have known just how versatile until now. The team at Nuco has created delicious and healthy food products from a simple set of ingredients that are a perfect fit for any low carb meal plan. You can also take comfort in the fact that Nuco prides itself on using only the finest organic coconuts, sourced ethically and responsibly, in a way that contributes positive benefits to their partners. If you’re looking for some new and exciting products to incorporate in to your low carb lifestyle, we recommend you take a look at the wide range of premium coconut products from Nuco, available today at The Low Carb Grocery.