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Low Carb Recipes to Serve at Easter

5 Delicious Low Carb Recipes to Serve at Easter

While the kids are thinking of nothing but chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, you can easily plan a fantastic low carb Easter meal that everyone will love, and we’re here to help. There are plenty of ways that you can put on a delicious low carb meal this holiday and still check off all of the classic Easter essentials. In this article, we’ve gathered up five of our absolute favourite low carb recipes that are perfectly suited to your Easter feast, including an amazing baked ham, delicious side dishes, warm hot cross buns, and even a sweet treat that is completely sugar free. Let’s get right to these wonderful recipes!

Deviled Eggs Three Ways

What would Easter be without some fun egg-based recipes to keep things festive? This Deviled Egg recipe from Irena at is actually three recipes in one! Serve up a colourful and vibrant platter of deviled eggs featuring three different fillings, including Bacon & Guacamole, Ginger & Carrot, and Pumpkin Seed & Dried Tomatoes. Each style has a unique flavour, and they make the perfect appetizer to kick off your big Easter feast.

Turnip Gratin

Skip the potatoes this Easter and go for this creamy turnip side dish instead. This delicious recipe comes from Anne and Emma who shared it on It is easy to prepare and has a wonderful flavour that perfectly complements ham, salmon, or any other savoury meat dish. It can easily be made dairy-free for those guests who may have a lactose sensitivity. You’re definitely going to want to serve this side dish up as part of your Easter spread every year.

Rosemary & Mustard Crusted Baked Ham

For many of us, the traditional Easter meal wouldn’t be complete without a nice baked ham at the center. While many ham glazes are loaded with sugar, this recipe from Melissa at uses a unique blend of rosemary and mustard to create a perfect low carb alternative ham seasoning that works amazingly well. It may seem like a very simple recipe to follow, but the results are simply delicious! This method of making an Easter ham is definitely a winner, and we’re sure your guests will all agree.

Low Carb Hot Cross Buns

When you’re talking about traditional Easter foods, Hot Cross Buns definitely need to be on the list. They’re a favourite all around the world, and for many low carb dieters they are the thing that’s been missing from their Easter holidays. Fortunately, they are back on the menu with this amazing low carb recipe for Hot Cross Buns! Libby from hit a home run with this recipe, and having a fresh batch of these ready on Easter morning will certainly start a new tradition in your house. Enjoy!

No Bake Coconut Butter Easter Bunnies

Sugar and Easter are virtually synonymous, with chocolate and candies hiding around every corner. Fortunately for low carb dieters, there are many ways to keep the sweet treats and skip all the sugar. We’ve already covered how to make your own sugar free Easter treats in this previous article, but this recipe for Easter bunny treats made from coconut butter was way too good and we just had to share it, too! Brenda at has discovered this fast and easy way to make delectable little bunny treats made from a simple combination of coconut butter, coconut oil, vanilla, and liquid stevia that can be ready in just 10 minutes. Hop to it!

Other Great Easter Treats

In addition to those great recipes, we’ve simply got to share some links to the most popular low-sugar and sugar-free treats that are awesome alternatives to traditional Easter candy that you can use to keep smiles on the kids’ faces all weekend long.

Smart Sweets Gummy Bears

These soft little bears are made with Stevia for a delicious sweet taste without a ton of added sugars. Flavoured with a variety of fruity tastes to try, these bite-sized gummies are always a fun favourite of kids everywhere.

Jelly Belly Gourmet Sugar Free Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are an essential Easter treat that no basket would be complete without, and Jelly Belly beans are simply the best. These sugar-free candies come in a wide range of fun flavours, and you can’t help but smile when you pop in a handful.


Easter is a time to be with family and enjoy each other’s company, and a great meal is one of the best ways to bring everyone together. With these tasty recipes, you’ll not only put on a delicious feast that will bring smiles and warm feelings to everyone, but you’ll do it knowing that it’s all healthy and low in carbs. We certainly hope that these recipes have inspired you to try something new at your Easter celebrations, and that you have a lovely Easter holiday with your family.

Tips for Easy & Delicious Low Carb Soups

Low Carb Soup – Tips & Ideas

Soups come in such a wide array of styles and flavours, it’s easy to find a great recipe to suit any occasion. Some are light and fresh, others are thick and hearty, and many more that fall somewhere in between. Preparing great soups can be as easy or complicated as you want it to be, with some recipes requiring incredible attention to detail, and others that need nothing more than some time to simmer. Regardless of how you like your soup, one thing is for sure; soup is a perfect part of the low carb diet. Many soups use simple ingredients, vegetables, meats, broths, and more, in combinations that make them taste completely different from other recipes. It’s easy to make delicious soups the low carb way, and these tips will help you save time and get creative in the kitchen. Now, let’s get right to it!

It all starts with the broth.

Most soups start with a base broth, and then build from there. As the foundation of your soup, it’s critical to have a great broth to make a great soup. As you may suspect, making a homemade broth from scratch will always give the best results, if you have the time to do it. There are several types of base broths that are the most common in soup recipes. These are vegetable, chicken, beef, turkey, and seafood broths. Most are fairly simple to prepare, and we’ve found a handy reference guide that you can use to craft all five types of base broths for your soups. This article from Brandi at features 5 DIY Broths that make great foundations for a huge variety of different soups.

If time is of the essence and making a broth from scratch just isn’t feasible, there are many broths and bouillon cubes available that you can use to speed things up and make your soup quickly and easily. These bouillon cubes from GoBio are a nice low-sodium option, and they make great vegetable or chicken broths fast.

Clear Soup or Thick soup?

Generally, most soups can be broken down in to two main categories based on their most obvious characteristic. Is the soup mostly clear, or is the soup thick and rich? Soups such as a consommé or minestrone fall on the clear side of the spectrum, while soups like a bisque or chowder are thick and hearty soups.

Interestingly, you’ll find soups all over the spectrum that use similar additional ingredients like chicken or carrots regardless of whether they are a clear or thick soup. Soups are very flexible in that way, since you can create a wide variety of them that all focus on one main ingredient. It’s nice to have so many different ways to use a particular main ingredient, as it helps to keep your soup selection from getting boring.

Focus on the Veggies, or choose a Variety

There are differing opinions on whether it’s best to focus on only one or two supporting vegetables in your soup, or if it’s ok to go a little crazy and throw in a wider variety. Ultimately, there are two things you need to decide when it comes to veggies. First, do you want your soup to accentuate a couple of specific flavours, or do you want many different flavours all mixing together? If you want to keep the focus, then perhaps choose only one or two vegetables to minimize the overlap of tastes. Second, what is your personal preference for vegetables? For example, if a recipe calls for asparagus, but you’ve never really enjoyed the taste of it, don’t feel locked in. You can easily substitute a vegetable that you prefer in place of any that you may not want to use. The choice is yours and adding a bit of personal flair to your soup can make it truly special.

When it Comes to Spices & Seasoning, Choose Wisely

Unlike vegetables, which are more of a freestyle option, choosing spices and seasonings should be done cautiously and with moderation. It may be tempting to try out some unusual spices in your soup, but if you use too much too fast, you can end up with a Frankenstein soup that isn’t what you had envisioned. Remember this simple rule of thumb; you can always add more spice later, but you can never take it out once it’s in there.

Inspiring New Recipes for Low Carb Soups

Now that we’ve talked about some essential tips for making your own delicious soups, we thought we would share some amazing recipes for healthy and nutritious soups for you to try. Check these out!

Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Soup

Starting this list off right is this amazing, hearty soup that will warm you up from head to toe. The spiciness of the jalapenos is a nice aspect for those of us who enjoy a little extra heat in our hot soups, and the creamy, cheesy texture of this soup complements the crisp bacon perfectly.

Crock Pot Andouille Sausage Cabbage Soup

We love our crock pots, and this recipe will definitely get you digging through your cupboards to find your slow cooker and get it warmed up. This soup is definitely fantastic during the chilly winter months, and makes for a deliciously easy meal at the end of a long, tiring day.

Spicy Sriracha Lime Chicken Zoodle Soup

Now here’s something different! This unusual creation features spiraled zucchini as a fun twist to replace traditional noodles. The broth is savoury, the spicy chili taste of the sriracha gives it a kick, and the lime wedges add a nice citrusy flair to the whole thing. If you’re looking for a soup recipe that is sure to get people talking, then this is definitely the one!


Well, we expect that you’re probably ready to run to the kitchen and dig out your stock pot to start cooking up a big batch of low carb soup with these tips! We certainly hope that you’ve found this article helpful and interesting. Making delicious and healthy soups can be fun and are a great way to add some variety to your weekly meal plan. Give those recipes a try, and don’t be afraid to customize them to suit your tastes. We’re sure that before long, you’ll be a true soup connoisseur. Happy souping!

Fresh Spring Meal Ideas for Low Carb Diets

Inspiring Low Carb Spring Meal Ideas

When spring rolls around and the daylight starts hanging around longer, our moods start to change along with the season. The air smells fresher, and we start to crave different kinds of foods than the hearty, comforting foods we tend to love in the cold winter months. Our focus turns to lighter fare, with lots of fresh greens and crisp fruits and vegetables. There are many fantastic recipes you can use to celebrate the return of warmer weather and sunshine, so we’ve decided to gather together a handful of delicious low carb recipes that are just perfect for ushering in the springtime.

This collection of fast and easy low carb meal ideas is perfect to fill those gaps in your weekly meal plan with recipes that are very healthy and so tasty, the whole family will love them! Let’s get started with a couple of delicious seafood recipes, including one that features fresh, steamed shrimp and another that uses salmon, which is definitely one of our favourite types of fish.

Spring Seafood Recipe Ideas

Cilantro-Lime Shrimp Salad

This fresh salad combines a wonderful mix of flavours and textures to create a crisp springtime meal that’s perfect for low carb diets. The citrus taste of the lime complements the cilantro amazingly well to form a perfect vinaigrette for the cool, fresh greens and avocado. The warmth of the shrimp completes the experience, and we’re sure that this salad will quickly become one of your all-time favourites.

Grilled Salmon with Herbs and Meyer Lemon

This fish is delish! Now that the weather has started to warm up, many of us can’t wait to fire up the grill, and this recipe is going to make that urge even stronger. With a simple combination of butter, lemon, dill, garlic, and thyme, this recipe produces moist, perfectly seasoned salmon fillet that you can easily pair with a wide variety of spring veggies.

Now that we’ve got you craving some fresh seafood, let’s change gears and have a look at a couple of amazing chicken recipes to try as part of your updated spring menu. Chicken is an essential part of the low carb diet, and finding exciting new low carb recipes to try can help keep things fun as you pull together your updated meal plans.

Spring Chicken Recipe Ideas

Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken Salad

Lovers of grilled chicken salads will be all over this recipe, for sure! It includes a simple method for quickly and easily making your own fresh honey mustard dressing, but if you decide that you want to speed up the process and make it even faster, then try this delicious Honey Dijon Dressing from Walden Farms as an alternative. This recipe also features hard-boiled eggs and chopped bacon, so low carb dieters will definitely enjoy the fact that this salad is loaded with protein, in addition to being amazingly tasty.

Spring Minestrone with Chicken Meatballs

This awesome soup combines the best parts of minestrone with a fresh chicken broth and hearty chicken meatballs. To keep the carb counts low in this recipe, swap out the normal breadcrumbs in the meatballs for a low carb version, and change up the pasta with a low carb alternative, like these Ziti noodles from Miracle Noodle. The end result is a beautiful and colourful soup that absolutely tastes just as good as it looks!

Next up, we move on to a couple of incredible beef recipes that you will simply love. These tasty beef dishes make great use of fresh vegetables and delicious sauces that really work well. These recipes are great to use mid-week as part of your meal plan, since they prepare quickly and can have their quantities easily expanded to suit any size of hungry family.

Spring Beef Recipe Ideas

15-Minute Korean Beef Bowl

The big, bold flavours of Korean cuisine come alive in this recipe for a delicious beef bowl served on a bed of cauliflower. You’ll be amazed at just how fast and easy this dish is to make, and the fact that it uses fresh cauliflower instead of the traditional rice bed helps to keep the carb count extremely low. This recipe could also easily work over a bed of shirataki noodles or shirataki rice, if those are more your style. Feel free to customize however you choose!

One-Skillet Steak and Spring Veg with Spicy Mustard

When they say spicy mustard, they mean it! This recipe is definitely meant to have some bite to it, but if you prefer a bit less heat, it works equally well if you dial down the amount of cayenne or swap it for a milder chili. This recipe cooks in under half an hour, and comes loaded with fresh spring vegetables to accompany the perfectly cooked steak. Reviewers of this recipe also report that the sauce works great on other meats like chicken and fish, too. Definitely worth a try!


Spring is a great season to get in to a new groove with your meal plan. Just like when spring fever hits and you feel compelled to blitz the house with cleaning supplies, purging your old meal plan and replacing it with a fresh set of healthy recipes can be quite invigorating. We hope that these recipe suggestions have inspired you to give some new flavours a try, and that you are able to get outside more to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air this spring. Happy eating!

Make Perfect Poached Eggs for a Low Carb Breakfast

How to Make Perfect Poached Eggs for a Low Carb Diet

Eggs are a huge part of the low carb diet for many people. They are a great source of protein, and can be made in dozens of different ways for any meal of the day. From a plate of simple sunny-side-up fried eggs, to a fresh baked quiche, you can find an egg dish to suit any taste. There are some methods of preparing eggs that are a bit trickier than others, and poached eggs definitely fall in to that category. Poached eggs seem simple enough, but there is a certain technique that you need to have to make a perfect poached egg, and that technique comes from experience (and a bit of luck!).

We’re here to help give you a head start on learning how to make a perfect poached egg with this handy set of tips. There are plenty of ways to use poached eggs in low carb recipes, and we’ll give you a couple of examples that we’re sure you’ll be craving by the end of this article. Let’s get started with the basics on what you need to make perfect poached eggs.

Gather the Right Set of Tools

While making a poached egg doesn’t require any really unique or special tools, there are a few common kitchen items that certainly make it a bit easier. Here’s what you need to gather before you begin:

  • Eggs, of course!
  • White vinegar
  • Salt
  • Deep sauce pan
  • Small dish just big enough to hold a cracked egg
  • Slotted spoon

Now that you’ve got everything you need to work with, let’s go through the basics of how to poach an egg correctly.

Step-by-Step Directions for Perfect Poached Eggs

  • Fill the sauce pan with enough water (about 2 quarts) to make it about 4 inches deep, add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and ½ tablespoon of salt and bring the water to just under a boil.
  • Crack your egg gently in to the small dish and check to make sure the yolk stays intact. Keep each egg you intend to poach in its own separate dish.
  • Stir the water steadily in a circular motion to create a stable, whirlpool-effect in the pan.
  • In one smooth motion, lower a dish with a cracked egg close to the surface of the water, and very gently pour the egg in to the hot swirling water.
  • Repeat with the remaining eggs, turn off the heat and cover the pan. Let the eggs sit in the hot water for 5 minutes to cook.
  • Using a slotted spoon, scoop the poached eggs out of the water and let drip for a few seconds to shed any excess water, blot with paper towel and serve immediately.

A Few Notes to Remember

In addition to the step-by-step instructions above, there’s a few additional things to keep in mind to make sure your poached eggs come out perfect.

  • If you want to prepare many eggs at once, be sure to use a larger pot. The larger amount of water will hold more heat to cook a greater number of eggs consistently.
  • Poached eggs can be refrigerated and reheated. To refrigerate poached eggs, place them in ice water immediately after cooking, and place in the refrigerator. Reheat them in warm water when ready to serve.
  • Fresher eggs will give better results, so if you’re committed to making perfect poached eggs, then farm fresh eggs are the best choice.
  • Cooking times for poached eggs can vary, depending on size and temperature, but not much. Generally, between 4-5 minutes is the threshold. 4 minutes gives an egg that is still cooked, but will be very runny. 5 minutes gives a firmer egg with a slightly thicker, but still fluid yolk.

Helpful Instructional Video for Poached Eggs

In addition to these steps and tips, there are lots of video tutorials available that can help get you up to speed even faster. Here’s a video for poaching eggs that you may find helpful!

Other Methods of Poaching Eggs

While the traditional method definitely produces great results, you may not always have the time to do it. Fortunately, there are all kinds of handy gadgets you can use to save time and still produce a delicious poached egg when you’re in a hurry.

Poach Pods Silicone Egg Poachers – These handy little silicone cups make it incredibly easy to make delicious poached eggs and helps simplify the process by keeping the eggs from direct contact with the water.

Denmark 8-Inch Stainless Steel Egg Poacher – This sophisticated egg poacher features four separate egg poaching cups, and a unique design that provides consistent heat distribution for perfect eggs every time.

Hamilton Beach Electric Egg Cooker – For an all-in-one egg cooking device, this one is a great choice. It is able to cook eggs in several ways, including soft, medium and hard boiled, in addition to poaching. It can cook up to 7 boiled eggs at a time, or 3 poached eggs at a time, without occupying a spot on your stove. This makes it great for busy kitchens and big breakfasts.

Amazing Poached Egg Recipes

Now that you’ve got the tools and the skills to make the perfect poached eggs, let’s take a look at a couple of amazing low carb recipes you can use to put them to the test!

Chorizo & Corn with Poached Eggs

This zesty recipe comes from J. Kenji at, and will definitely get your tastebuds cheering. The combination of the spicy chorizo with the fresh taste of basil works amazingly well with the flavour of a perfectly poached egg. This recipe can easily be made in a low carb version by substituting in a low carb crouton instead of the brioche croutons, or simply by skipping the croutons altogether. Whatever way you may choose to alter it, this recipe for Poached Eggs with Corn, Chorizo, Basil, and Croutons is simply delicious and definitely unusual.

Frisée-Lardon Salad

Here’s a recipe that combines cool, crisp salad greens with delicious bacon and a poached egg to create a unique experience that will blow you away. This creative salad is very simple to prepare, and checks off all the criteria that a low carb dieter looks for. It’s got lots of protein and plenty of greens, along with a great flavour from the vinaigrette dressing that perfectly suits the combination of warm egg, salty bacon, and fresh frisée lettuce. Check out the full recipe here for Frisée-Lardon Salad from Eva at


Well, there you have it! Making perfect poached eggs does take a bit of practice, and a little patience, but with these tips you’ll have a great head start. Poached eggs are a great addition to any low carb meal plan, and add a bit of variety to your bacon-and-egg breakfasts, as well as lots of options for other interesting meal combinations. We hope that you’ve found these tips helpful, and that the next time you’re cracking a few eggs you’re encouraged to give poaching a try.

What You Need to Know About Online Grocery Shopping

Ordering Groceries Online – Food Safety, Shipping & More

You can order virtually everything online these days. When it comes to groceries, however, there are still some common concerns that many people have about the process of buying food online. Some are worried about the safety and integrity of the packaging, and fear that their order will show up with broken or damaged packaging. Others have concerns about shipping times and worry that you can’t effectively order perishable foods online, since they’ll spoil before they even arrive at your door.

Fortunately, modern online ordering processes, packaging methods, and shipping services have addressed all these issues and you can now safely and easily have virtually any kind of grocery products delivered right to your door. Here, we will outline some of the steps we take at The Low Carb Grocery to ensure that your order is packed, shipped and delivered quickly and properly, each and every time.

Freshness Details on Product Pages

For any perishable product, you can see specific details on their shelf life right on their product pages. For example, for the popular Mama Lupe’s Tortillas, you can see how long they will stay fresh at room temperature, and if you wish to extend this time you can store them in the freezer.

Estimated Shipping Time Guidelines

Before you place your order, be sure to check our shipping and delivery time calculator for your location. You can access this tool on our Shipping & Returns page. Simply by entering your postal code, you will be able to see your estimated delivery time as well as details on shipping weight limits, and the store location that your order will ship from.

Special Packaging Details

All orders from The Low Carb Grocery are packed securely and carefully in durable, sturdy packaging materials to ensure that each item stays in perfect condition on its journey to you. In addition, we offer thermal packaging options and cooling packs that provides additional assurance that your order will maintain optimum freshness during transport, regardless of climate changes or seasonal temperature swings.

Communication & Customer Service

In addition to our specialized packing methods, we provide communication directly to you on any orders or products that may require special steps or are facing unexpected delays. Rest assured, we will not let any product ship out unless we are 100% certain that you’ll be satisfied with it when it arrives. We will take steps to contact you via email and telephone to keep you informed of any special circumstances related to your order.

Order Confidently

We hope that this information has helped answer your questions and concerns about ordering groceries online. We want you to have all the details you need to order confidently, and know that we’re committed to your satisfaction with each and every order we ship. The team here at The Low Carb Grocery is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, quality products, and fast delivery times so that you always have the best low carb food products for you and your family.

If you have any questions about ordering from us, or would like more information about a particular brand or product, please don’t hesitate to contact us here, or drop in to any one of our stores. We look forward to serving you!

Low Carb Breakfast, Meal Replacement & Protein Bars

Guide to Low Carb Breakfast, Meal Replacement and Protein Bars

It’s hard to beat the convenience of a great low carb bar. Whether you’ve simply got an afternoon craving that needs to be crushed, or you’re looking for a simple and effective meal replacement option, bars can deliver everything you need in a handy pocket-sized package. Because of this, there’s no shortage of choice for low carb dieters in the world of breakfast bars, meal replacement bars, and protein bars. With so many brands and flavours to choose from, how do you sort through them all and find the bar that’s right for you?

In this guide, we will help explain the differences between the various categories of low carb bars, as well as a look at some of the brands and flavours that are the most popular with low carb dieters. Whatever kind of bar you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find this guide helpful in finding the right one.

Without further delay, let’s dive in to the different categories of bars, and how they are different from each other.

Categories of Low Carb Bars

In general, most bars will fall in to one of three categories based on what their intended purpose is, what kinds of ingredients they consist of, and how most people would tend to use them as part of their diet. These three main categories are:

Low Carb Breakfast Bars

As the name of this category suggests, there are bars available that are designed to be eaten either as part of breakfast in the morning, or as a complete replacement for your breakfast meal. Most breakfast bars are available in similar flavours and ingredients, such as chocolate and peanut butter, and many are heavily focused on nuts, seeds, and fruits. Breakfast bars tend to be loaded with fiber and protein in order to prevent the early return of hunger in the morning. They are a convenient way to deal with morning hunger, and are extremely easy to track as part of your daily carb and calorie intake due to their clearly defined nutritional contents. However, since many breakfast bars feature sweet tasting ingredients, low carb dieters should pay attention to ingredient & nutritional labels closely and choose bars made by trusted low carb brands.

Low Carb Meal Replacement Bars

Meal replacement bars are intended to act as a substitute for an entire meal, usually as part of a weight loss regimen. They accomplish this through high protein ingredients, while maintaining similar calorie content and equivalent levels of nutrition to a full meal. Low carb dieters should observe greater caution when selecting a meal replacement bar, since many popular mainstream brands commonly contain a large amount of added sugar. As a general rule of thumb, meal replacement bars are best used in moderation, and not as a long-term part of your diet plan. They’re great to deal with hunger in a pinch, but aren’t a good choice as a regular part of a low carb meal plan. As with breakfast bars, it’s always wise for low carb dieters to read ingredient labels thoroughly and choose from well-known low carb brands.

Low Carb Protein Bars

In general, protein bars are a great snack option as part of a low carb diet since their focus is on high levels of protein, and not necessarily as a complete meal replacement. Most protein bars are very dense, although this can vary greatly depending on the brand and ingredients used. The variety of flavours available in protein bars are staggering, which means you can find virtually any taste that you can imagine. Even so, the most popular protein bars tend to include sweet tastes like chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, maple, and caramel. As with the other two types of bars, it’s sensible for low carb dieters to pay close attention to the sugar content. Mainstream protein bars can often contain large quantities of sugar, so be sure to choose a low carb and low sugar option.

Most Popular Brands and Flavours

Bars are one of the most popular product categories at The Low Carb Grocery, and our customers have given us lots of feedback on their favourite brands and flavours for each category of bar. Here are some of the most popular brands and flavours from each of the three main categories of bars.

Most Popular Breakfast Bars

Atkins Day Break Bars

As the most well-known name in the world of low carb eating, it should come as no surprise that Atkins has created some of the best low carb breakfast bars available. Atkins Day Break bars are high in protein and low in sugar, making them a great choice for a quick breakfast or mid-morning snack. Our customers simply love the Chocolaty Hazelnut and Oatmeal Fibre flavours.

Shop all Atkins Day Break Breakfast Bars.

Most Popular Meal Replacement Bars

If you’re a fan of the taste of blueberries, you’ll love these Advantage Blueberry Greek Yogurt meal bars from Atkins. High in fiber, high in protein, and very low in sugar, these are the perfect convenient meal bar for those busy days when a lunch break is always just out of reach. Another top-selling bar that works great as a fast and easy meal option are these Apple Pie bars from Quest. These delicious bars include chunks of dried apple and tons of protein to keep you going. Our customers love the taste of these ones!

Most Popular Protein Bars

These Grenade Carb Killa White Chocolate Cookie protein bars taste so good, our customers simply rave about them! They have a great, smooth texture and rich, delicious flavour that will make you think that you’re cheating on your diet. If you’re in the mood for a little lemon flavour, then you’ve got to try these Lemon Cake protein bars from Oh Yeah!. With only 1 gram of sugar per bar, and over 20g of protein, these bars will definitely get rid of your hunger in a hurry.

Shop our entire selection of protein bars here.


As you can see, you’ve got no shortage of selection when it comes to great tasting low carb bars. Whether you’re looking for a low carb breakfast bar you can keep in your desk at work for those rushed mornings, or are simply hungry for a healthy snack option that won’t leave you craving for more an hour later, there are lots of great bars you can choose from.

We hope that you’ve found this information helpful, and remember that if you ever have any questions about these products or any others, we are here to help. Stop in to any one of our stores, or send us a message here, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

Don’t forget to share what your favorite bar was below in the comments!