Low Carb Quesadilla

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The Low Carb Grocery got creative for a Low Carb QUESADILLA! We tried using as much in-store products as we can but adding green onion and shredded mozzarella REALLY makes it taste great! This recipe has a bit of a kick so you are warned! But please keep in mind there are other flavour options if you are not good with the spicyness.


1 Joseph’s Tortilla

½ tbsp Glacier Ridge Jalapeno Spreadable Cheese

1 tbsp Bella Vita Pasta Spicy Sauce

3cm cube shredded mozzarellaLCQ

¼ of one Spicy Nick Stick, sliced thin

Optional: green onion

Optional: Desert Pepper Divinio Salsa


Bake in oven 5 mins.

Optional: Serve with Desert Pepper Tequila Salsa (1/2 tsp) (2.7 calories, 0.25 carbs).

nicks  quesadilla

Nutrition Facts: 

Serving: Per ¼ of Tortilla

 TO be calculated.

Get creative!

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