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ThomineRYou’d think that all the energy you exhaust running after two little ones would be enough to shed those pesky post-pregnancy pounds but sometimes it takes a little more than that.

At the age of 21 I was blessed with my first child, and cursed with an extra 50 pounds of body weight.

I had an average weight throughout school, so this was a huge shock for me. I had never been overweight! It took a huge toll on my self confidence. My second child 3 years later brought me just over 200 pounds the day she was born. I couldn’t bring myself to check my weight for an entire year after that.


The way I felt about myself strongly affected the relationship between me and those closest to me. I hated the way I looked, and no matter how many times my husband told me I was beautiful I just wouldn’t believe him. I constantly shot down his compliments and continued to degrade myself. I knew I deserved better, and my family deserved to have me at my healthiest. I wanted to have energy and be able to play with my children without having to sit down to catch my breath. I wanted to set a good example for them so that healthy eating would be apart of their futures. I wanted to be a great mom, and the extra weight was holding me back from what I knew was possible.

I finally weighed myself, and began my journey at 183 pounds. I woke up one morning and told myself that this was it, today was the day I was going to start my journey and I haven’t looked back since.

Having a young family was both a motivator and a struggle. My lifestyle couldn’t change without simultaneously changing theirs, but at the same time I had to change my lifestyle to be better for them. Even with a 3 1/2 year old and 1 year old I made time for working out, and made recipes all of us would enjoy. I followed the Atkins diet, with some modifications because I was still nursing and needed to ensure I wouldn’t go into ketosis.

In the first month I lost 20 pounds! My children didn’t even realize they were eating healthy when I made them BBQ Pizza. It’s amazing how many awesome things are packed into The Low Carb Grocery. This store brings enjoyable foods into my eating routine in order to keep me happy. With the help of Josephs Pitas,Guy’s Garlic BBQ sauce, tomato paste, chicken, onions, and mozzarella cheese what is normally junk food, was turned into a fun and easy family meal. If the taste alone wasn’t reason enough to finish everything on the plate, the Atkins Endulge products we had for dessert were definitely a great motivator. Who can resist Peanut Butter Cups and Brownies?

In addition to healthier eating I took advantage of social networking weight-loss groups and even started my own.  Having the support of others, especially my husband, pushed me through to where I am now. One year and losing over 60 pounds later, I’m completely addicted to health. To be successful on a weight loss journey you have to find something you love, and don’t be afraid of reaching out! Sometimes having support is the little push you need at the end of the day to make it through.

-Thomine R.


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