Bob's Red Mill Meal/Flour

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Flaxseed Meal
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Bob's Red Mill
Flaxseed Meal / 453g / Item #: 6175
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Gluten Free, low carb Bob's Red Mill Meal/Flour gives your baking a delicious full-bodied nutty flavour, and makes a great alternative to regular flour available in almond, hazelnut, organic golden flaxseed and flaxseed. Completely natural and packed with healthy oils. It can be used in variety of recipes from cakes, to cookies, and even muffins and breads. We love it because it's wheat free, high in protein and fibre.

Store it in the freezer to extend it's shelf life, although we're not sure it'll last long once you taste the difference Bob's Red Mill Meal/Flour makes in your baked goods.

Make it even better by using sugar-free spreads on whatever you bake!


Last Updated: 2017-08-13 11:45:49