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BODYCRUNCH Whey Protein Crunchies- PLAIN
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BODYCRUNCH Whey Protein Crunchies- PLAIN / 430g / Item #: 9507
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BodyCrunch whey protein crunchies make adding protein to your diet fun and easy. They are small-sized, crunchy, "rice crispies" like protein balls... so you can use as a cold cereal, or make your own crispy protein bar. Try making into savoury clusters to add to your salad and soups as "croutons". Use as the base of your cheesecakes.  The possibilities are endless, just use your imagination. Have yourself some easy protein bites today! Each serving provides 14g to 18g of protein and only 1g fat, 5g - 7g net carbs. 

Available in plain and cocoa flavours.


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