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Velvet Elk Antler Premium
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Velvet Elk Antler Premium / 30 Veg Cap / Item #: 2516
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How is Elk Velvet Antler Harvested?

There are strict regulations on elk ranching set by Health Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and the Alberta government. Sustainably produced, the elk are raised on free-range environments and the trimming of their antlers is carefully controlled and done by veterinarians.

As they grow antler every year of their life, it is a renewable resource and the removal process is akin to cutting a human's fingernails.

What is Elk Velvet Antler Used For? 

Velvet Elk Antler has been used in traditional Chinese medicine since the beginning of the first millennium. In the last few years western scientific studies have shown numerous robust health benefits of Velvet Elk Antler.

Velvet Elk Antler is the natural way to achieve:

•Arthritis relief 

•Increased energy 


•Immune enhancement 

•Increased blood flow 

•Mental acuity 

•Muscle building 

•Blood Building Effects 

•Reduction of Blood Pressure 

•Protection Against Stress 

•Protection from Liver Damage 

•Recovery from Traumatic Injury

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