Capella - Flavour Drops - CARAMEL

Flavour Drops - CARAMEL
Flavour Drops - CARAMEL / 13ml / Item #: 2826
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Capella Flavour Drops are water-soluble, multi-use flavorings.  All flavour drops are great tasting and contain no fats, calories, carbs or sweeteners. Capella Flavour drops are a smart and tasty alternative to sugar filled foods and beverages that are high in calories and can be used to make great drinks for diabetics. 

May be applied to any kind of food or beverage such as diet shakes, oatmeal, pudding, espresso–based drinks, brewed coffee and tea, Martinis, smoothies, Italian sodas, desserts, juice, liquid, baked goods and more!

Capella Flavour Drops contain NO:

  • Gluten
  • Fat and Calories
  • Carbs and Sugar
  • Sweetener of any kind
  • Sodium
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