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Flavour Drops - IRISH CREAM
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Flavour Drops - IRISH CREAM / 13ml / Item #: 2135
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Imagine adding flavours to your favourite drinks without additional fat, calorie or sugar of any kind with Capella Flavour Drops (Capella Flavor Drops)!  They are water soluble so they can be used in any kind of beverage or food.

These multi-use flavourings taste delicious can even be used in baking mixes and desserts. They are available in more than 25 flavours such as Cinnamon Danish Swirl, Cake Batter and more! you are bound to fall in love with one or two. If you're looking for where to buy Capella Flavour Drops in Canada, look no further!

Check out what you can bake that’s delicious and low carb, too!


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