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ChocoPerfection MINI DARK ORANGE CHOCOLATE / 10x10g / Item #: 9824-10
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Have you ever worried about carbs in white chocolate or dark chocolate? ChocoPerfection (Choco Perfection) is a premium sugar-free chocolate that won’t affect blood sugar levels so it's diabetic friendly. Noted by nutritionists as one of the most beneficial health foods* and sweetened with natural fibres from plants and chicory root, you will find about 14g of dietary fibres in the chocolates. ChocoPerfection does not use any maltitol or artificial sweeteners, instead it uses Erythritol which is a 0 glycemic index sweetener. There are no chemicals, trans fats or sodium, so it's one of your best choices for low carb, sugar free chocolate!

This great tasting gourmet chocolate has been voted again and again the "Best Tasting" sugar free chocolate and will allow you to indulge while on a weight loss program. A sinful gift sent from heaven, you won’t miss regular chocolate again after you’ve had ChocoPerfection! Get them now at our stores or online for shipping anywhere in Canada!

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*Source: Journal of Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals, June, 2005


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