Dukan Diet - NEW- The Dukan Diet Book Made Easy

NEW- The Dukan Diet Book Made Easy
Dukan Diet
NEW- The Dukan Diet Book Made Easy / 234 pages / Item #: 9730
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Introduction from the book:

For over forty years, every day in my work as a doctor I have been fighting weight problems. Starting out on my own, I first crafted my skills by working with individual patients in consultations. While still a very young doctor, I was fortunate to devise the protein diet. As the years went by I improved it, adjusting it based on my patients' feedback and needs. Gradually the diet turned into a comprehensive program, which was published in France in 2001 as Je Ne Sais Pas Maigrir (I Can't Lose Weight). Since then, and giving me the greatest rewards imaginable, more than 8 million readers in over twenty countries have read this book. Unfortunately, I do not know how many have followed the diet suggested and even less, how many people attained their True Weight, consolidated it, and most important, never put any weight back on.

However, I do know that every day I receive an ever-growing number of heartfelt messages from readers who, because they have lost weight using this book and its method, go out of their way to let other people know about it. My method spread simply by word of mouth, without any advertising to back it up. Nowadays, I am conscious that I am no longer the sole owner of my method; it also belongs to my readers who follow it and recommend it to others. 

Who are they? Mostly they are well-organized women, writing from all over the Internet world. To date, over 500 sties, forums, and blogs have been listed where anonymous contributors and volunteers share their experiences of controlling their weight with my diet. It was these women who eventually named my method after me. I would never have dared to do that myself.

This book and method are aimed at people who want to lose weight but. faced with the overwhelming choice of diets now available, do not know which on to choose. According to my records, there have been 210 diets developed since the 1950s, of which 72 have been published. Only 15 have any coherence, and they can be boiled down to 6 main programs:

-The low-calorie diet is the oldest and, in theory, the most logical, but in practice the least effective diet.

-Atkins was revolutionary and effective, but it leaves the door wide open to fats and cholesterol.

-Weight Watchers meetings were very innovative, but its low-calorie diet does it a disservice.

-The South Beach Diet is a good diet, but it lacks any proper stabilization.

-The Protein Powder Diet is sold throughout the work, but it is the most unnatural diet. Once dieting is over, it leads to a massive and permanent weight explosion

-The method that I suggest, aka the Dukan Diet

 I have trouble writing this as it may appear immodest, but I really do believe that, to date, of all the diets put forward, my method is by far the best. It is set out simply; it provides a solid framework; it is effective; you start getting immediate results and these results last. Its 100 as-much-as-you-want foods are all natural foods, and it concept is simple; it is easy to follow, and it can tackle all weight-loss situations. For all these reasons, it seems to me to be the best way we have at the moment of losing weight and, most important, of not putting weight back on again.

 I am campaigning for this method to become a standard benchmark in the worldwide fight against weight problems. Readers, I am asking you to judge how well it works. In this book, you will find my entire method, along with an introduction to physical exercise, which I now prescribe as I would medication, and a recipe section so that while you diet you can make all sorts of different dished (this edition includes new vegetarian recipes). Recipes provide pleasure, and without pleasure our struggle against weight problems would be about restriction and nothing else. 

 So go off to do battle with these three pointers to encourage you: as much as you want of the allowed foods, fast results, pleasure in your food!

Are you up for it? Let yourself be guided- your scale is shaking already! 

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