Effeclean - Tablet & Laptop Screen Cleaner

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Tablet & Laptop Screen Cleaner
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Tablet & Laptop Screen Cleaner / 60ml / Item #: 2570
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The eco-responsible solution to dirty laptop, smartphone and tablet screens! 

Effeclean Genuine Eco Tablet & Laptop screen cleaner is specifically designed for use on the most advanced intuitive touch screens. Using breaktrough chemistry, our formula separates the molecular bonds that dirt, dust and air-borne contaminants use to adhere to the screen surface. Smudges and finger prints are safely removed, leaving a clean streak-free screen with an anti-static carrier that will help repel future dust.

Environmentally responsible
VOC Free
Ammonia Free
Petroleum Free
Chlorine Free
Alcohol Free

Safe for Pets and Children

"Effeclean Cleaning Products are made in Canada. In fact all of our suppliers, marketing, packaging and shipping materials are all from Canadian firms. Our goal is not to just make better, safer environment for our homes and offices but to jelp keep our economy growing and keep Canadians employed."  

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