Flatout Flatbreads

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Flatbread GARDEN SPINACH / 318g /FREEZE UPON RECEIPT / Item #: 1154
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IMPORTANT: Flatout Flatbreads are stable at temperature for approximately 2 weeks. Please store at cool temperatures or in the freezer for a longer storage period.

Sugarless and low in carbs, Flatout Flatbread uses 100% stone ground whole wheat that’s low in calories. Each serving has only 90 calories and has less carbs than regular bread given their substantial size. Moreover, it provides you with over a third of your recommended daily fibre intake. They make great wraps and have no bad aftertaste. If you are a pizza lover, you’ll find that the Flatbread makes a great thin crust pizza quickly and easily. Or if you are after a quick snack, cut it up into smaller pieces, toast it then dunk it in your favourite dip. Kids will love it, too! The Flatout Flatbread is super versatile, find your favourite way to eat it!

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