Flavorall Liquid Stevia

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Flavorall Liquid Stevia MARVELLOUS MINT
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Flavorall Liquid Stevia MARVELLOUS MINT / 50ml / Item #: 2177
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Flavorall sweetens and flavours naturally in one simple step. This sweetener has ZERO calories, sugar, alcohol and gluten. What a great sugar substitute for diabetics or anyone who wants to be healthier! We love to use Flavorall to sweeten and flavour cold beverages, fruit smooties, protein shakes, baking batters. A tip to increase your water intake easily...simply add a few drops to your water, choose your favourite flavour. Use the cinnamon, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate or pure flavour to make your hot cereal even more enjoyable. 

Last Updated: 2015-03-06 15:30:31