Flavorall Liquid Stevia

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Flavorall Liquid Stevia - BANANA BRILLIANCE
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Flavorall Liquid Stevia - BANANA BRILLIANCE / 50ml / Item #: 2183
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Flavorall Liquid Stevia made from stevia extract sweetens and flavours naturally in one simple step. This sweetener has ZERO calories, sugar, alcohol and gluten. What a great sugar substitute for diabetics or anyone who wants to be healthier! We love to use Flavorall to sweeten and flavour cold beverages, fruit smoothies, protein shakes, and baking batters. Use liquid stevia as water flavouring by adding a few drops to your water.  You can easily increase your water intake: choose your favourite flavour! Use the cinnamon, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate or pure flavour to make your hot cereal even more enjoyable. 

Flavours available in Creamy Caramel, Pure, Lemon, Strawberry, Almond and more!  Flavorall has positive reviews from customers!


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