Fruit2O Sparkling Drink

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Fruit2O- Sparkling- Raspberry Lemon
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Fruit 2O
Fruit2O- Sparkling- Raspberry Lemon / 502ml / Item #: 0230
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Fruit 2O Sparkling water is 0 calorie refreshing drink.

Just crack open a Fruit2O Sparkling water, sit back and relax for a bit. You’ll be ready to go back at it in no time. But until then, take some time for yourself. This drink is 0 calories and taste amazing! 

Mixed Berry: A  unique combination of sweet and tart berry flavour infused into crisp, sparkling water. Like a summer stroll through ripe berry patches, followed by a refreshing swim. In bubbles.

Lime:  It's the tart, sweet taste of lime with a kick of even more lime. That’s right.

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