GG Scandinavian Crispbread

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-Bran Crispbread
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GG Scandinavian
-Bran Crispbread / 30x100g / Item #: 7574
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Add fibre to your diet with Scandinavian GG Crispbread that’s kosher and low in calories, and  diabetic friendly too. This crispbread is highly recommended by leading physicians and nutritionists, especially for diabetic and cancer patients, or anyone who is trying to lose weight. Containing 85% unprocessed bran, it has the highest dietary fibre but has only 30 calories per slice.

Convenient and easy to have while on the go, dip them in cheese or throw on some peanut butter or salmon spread and munch away. GG Crispbread will help add in that extra pump of healthy dietary fibre you need and help keep snack cravings away.

Also try these with low carb jam and fruit spreads.


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