Greeniche Natural Stevia

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Greeniche Stevia Sachets 99.8% Reb A
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Greeniche Natural
Greeniche Stevia Sachets 99.8% Reb A / 100x1.5g (Updated Format) / Item #: 1402
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An all natural, high quality, no calorie sweetener, Greeniche Natural Stevia is the ideal sugar substitute with no bitter aftertaste. Aside from not having any calories at all, Stevia is also perfect for people with diabetes as it has zero glycemic index and it’s great for people trying to lose weight, too.

You can use them in cereals, fruits, salads or use it when you bake or cook. It is stable even at high temperatures, allowing it to be a very versatile sweetener. Stevia dissolves quickly in cold beverages, too. Available in sachets and tablet format, you can bring them with you when you dine out or go grab a coffee. Keep Greeniche Natural Stevia on hand and you will always be able to enjoy sweets with no worries of impact on your health.

Looking for where to buy stevia? Greeniche Natural Stevia is available in our stores in Canada including in the Toronto and Vancouver areas - and online, right here!

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