Healthsmart Foods CarbThin Zero Carb Soy Protein Bake Mix

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CarbThin-ZEROCARB Soy Protein Bake Mix VANILLA
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CarbThin-ZEROCARB Soy Protein Bake Mix VANILLA / 454 g / Item #: 9777
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You heard right! It is a ZERO Carb baking mix, brought to you by Healthsmart! This mix offers a potent source of protein, ideal for those on low carbohydrate and other special diets, vegetarians, athletes, body builders, children and geriatrics. It is fat, cholesterol, lactose and carbohydrate free!

You can easily prepare low carb and high protein products such as:

  • high energy drink
  • 0 carb pie crust
  • 0 carb pancakes and waffles
  • donut holes
  • 0 carb cookies
  • 0 carb cheese blintzes
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