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Sugar Free Candies, Sours
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Jelly Belly
Sugar Free Candies, Sours / 85g / Item #: 8379
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Kosher and sugar free, Jelly Belly brings you their famous Gummi Bears, Jelly Beans and Sours with less calories! The well-known household brand Jelly Belly has been around for years and we have definitely grown up together with it. As consumers become more health conscious over the years, Jelly Belly is now offering sugarless candies that are healthier and friendly for diabetics. The candies are at least 40% less in calories than the regular ones by using sugar substitutes such as Splenda. As with their regular products, the candies come in a variety of flavours like cherry, tangerine, grape, raspberry, green apple, licorice and many more. If you thought you enjoyed Jelly Belly candies before, well now you can enjoy them AND feel healthier with the drop in sugar content!

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