Julian Bakery Paleo Coconut Wraps

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[SINGLE] Paleo Gluten-Free Wraps ORIGINAL
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Julian Bakery
[SINGLE] Paleo Gluten-Free Wraps ORIGINAL / 98g (7 Wraps) / Item #: 9491
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Julian Bakery Gluten-Free wraps are raw, Paleo-approved, vegan and low-calorie. They are an innovative product made entirely from organic coconut meat.
Every thin wrap contains only 70 calories, 4g net carbs  and 15mg of sodium. They are very slightly sweet to create a nice contrast to your savoury fillings.
You can also make dessert crepes and fill these with decadent sugar-free chocolate hazelnut spread, berries and nuts.


Available in Original and Turmeric (perfect for savoury fillings)

This product has a shelf life of up to 9 months. Store at room temperature, no refrigeration required.

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