Just Like Sugar All-Natural Sweetener

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TABLE TOP FORMULA-All-Natural Sweetener
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Just Like Sugar
TABLE TOP FORMULA-All-Natural Sweetener / 453g / Item #: 1982
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Just Like Sugar All-Natural Sweetener is a wonderful natural alternative for those health conscious people who choose a calorie-restricted diet, or for people with restricted diet programs where sugar consumption is not allowed, or has to be reduced.

Just Like Sugar has an enhanced composition which is a source of natural dietary fiber, obtained from chicory root. It contains no artificial ingredients, has no aftertaste, has 0 calories and 0g carb, great for baking, and tastes "just like sugar".

Just Like Sugar can be used as natural sugar substitutes in baking and has the same sweetening power as sugar ounce for ounce. The perfect sugar replacement for diabetics who enjoy natural sweeteners!


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