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Crunchy Sour Cream and Onion
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Just The Cheese
Crunchy Sour Cream and Onion / 57g / Item #: 7367
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Wheat and gluten free, Just the Cheese snacks are high in calcium and protein, and perfect for low carb diets. This naturally low carb cheese snack is made with crumbles of natural cheese which is baked until crunchy then seasoned. That’s it! No MSG or additives. With only 1g of carb, 5g of protein and more calcium than found in a cup of milk in each serving, this easy snack will provide you with nutrition while totally satisfying your desire for something crunchy and tasty.
They are available in white cheddar, sour cream and onion, nacho and more!

Enjoy these cheese crisps anytime you want and feel guilt free, even perfect for parties! With Just the Cheese snacks, you get all the taste but none of the carbs.


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