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Protein Snack Mix, Sweet BBQ Mix
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Kay's Naturals
Protein Snack Mix, Sweet BBQ Mix / 6x34g / Item #: 7636
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*Please note that Nutrition Facts for "5-PACK VARIETY Kays All-Natural SNACKS" appears as 0 values because we are unable to show the nutrition facts and ingredients for each flavour included in the variety. Please refer to the nutrition facts and ingredients listed on the individual flavour.*

Kay's Naturals Protein Chips contain non-GMO lean soy protein, all-natural whole grains, fibre, calcium, folic acid and vitamin B-12. They are great for all ages and lifestyles and for anyone seeking sources of protein in their diets, including body builders, vegetarians/vegans, the elderly, and children; ideal for the office, sports, on the road, and home. These products are also gluten free and kosher.

Kay’s Naturals is dedicated to bringing a better alternative to traditional snacks and cereals to the health and fitness conscious consumer, so try them today! Or try them all in the 5 Pack Variety which contains nacho cheese and crispy parmesan chips, sweet BBQ mix, and cinnamon toast and jalapeno honey mustard pretzel sticks.


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