King Soba- Instant Organic Miso Soup Packets

Nutrition Facts

King Soba Mighty Miso Organic Instant Miso Soup is quick, easy and heart-warming. This brand is MSG free and low in sodium (only 170 mg). Each cup contains only 1 gram net carb. They are available in red miso and white miso. 

What is Miso? 

It is a fermented food made from soybeans. Some miso also contains rice or barley. The origins of miso can be traced back over 2000 years to ancient China. It was brought to Japan in the 7th century where it was developed by artisans into a rich superfood. 

How to prepare: Simply pour a packet of Miso soup into a mug. Add a cup (200 ml) of boiling water and stir. Wait a minute or two before enjoying.


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