Kitchen Table Bakers All Cheese Crackers

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The Kitchen Table Bakers
Parm Crisps, ITALIAN HERB / 85g / Item #: 7182
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The Kitchen Table Bakers company has created a wonderful all natural snack that is naturally low in carbs and can replace otherwise high carb crackers! If you've been eating low carb foods for a while, you'll know that finding crunch stacks are fairly limited.

These remarkable Handmade Gourmet Cheese Crackers are All Cheese, All Natural and All Delicious. They are wheat, gluten and sugar free, rich in calcium and naturally low in carbohydrates.

The best selling variety is Aged Parmesan, but all taste great! Excellent on their own, or use to hold other toppings.

The Kitchen Table Gourmet Wafer Crisps contain no preservatives, no artificial colours, no cellulose, no egg products and no bulking ingredients.

We have many different salsa and dips in store. Have a look!


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