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Resistant Wheat Starch
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Resistant Wheat Starch / 908g / Item #: 7863
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Resistant Wheat Starch 75 is a resistant wheat starch which delivers 75% total dietary fiber. It has a low water-holding capacity that allows for enhanced crispness, smooth texture, neutral flavor and white color. Resistant starches greatly reduce net carbohydrate levels in foods. Applications cover a wide variety of products, including breads, tortillas, pizza crust, cookies, muffins, waffles, breakfast cereals, snack products and nutritional bars.

Recommended Uses:
  • Bakery products, pasta and nutritional food products to boost fiber content
  • Snack foods and batter products to enhance crispness
  • Breakfast cereals to increase bowl life and maintain crispness
  • Nutritional products targeting controlled glucose release

Storage: Resistant Wheat Starch should be stored in a cool, dry, and sanitary area to achieve maximum stability. Shelf life is one year from the date of manufacture when stored under these conditions.


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