Nuco - Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil / 444ml / Item #: 0506
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Setting the Standard for Extra Virgin Coconut Oil!


While many attempt to characterize their coconut oil as Extra Virgin, NUCO Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) represents a new standard in the market.

It starts from our Organic Coconut Plantations in the Philippines from which the coconuts are derived. Tucked in densely lush areas, fresh organic coconuts are plucked at maturity for immediate processing. Our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is expeller-pressed right from the coconut meat, and what results is a product that is extra virgin, retaining the natural elements of the coconut oil. Rich in Medium-Chain Fatty Acids, containing NO hexane, chemicals, trans fats and preservatives, NUCO Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is an all-natural and certified organic product, which is a nutritious alternative to other oils (canola, vegetable, etc.) and butter.

Try using NUCO EVCO on hair, skin, and as a moisturizer as well. 



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