Nutvia Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil / 445ml / Item #: 7716
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Virgin coconut oil is considered by many to be the healthiest oil on earth. It is a natural healing product with many surprising benefits to the user, including heart disease prevention. Cold pressed coconut oil, contains no hydrogenated oils and is an unrefined virgin coconut oil that is never bleached or deodorized.

Naturally free from trans-fatty acids, it is high in “Lauric Acid” which is a medium chain fatty acid identical to the healthy group of fats found in breast milk.

We love all the different uses this product has. Use it in cooking to replace butter, as an eye makeup remover, as a skin cream, on split ends, in tea to help sooth sore throats, and injested for daily energy.

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