Pomona - Pomona's Universal-Pectin

Pomona's Universal-Pectin
Pomona's Universal-Pectin / 28g / Item #: 1291
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Pomona's Universal Pectin makes thick jam and jelly with rich, full flavour undiluted by large amounts of added sugar. Ordinary fruit pectins require your jam or jelly to be 55%-85% sugar to set firmly.

 Pomona's Universal is a low methoxyl type pectin extracted by calcium (included), not by sugar content.

 Now you're free to make cooked jam and jelly and freezer jam the way you like it- sweetened to your taste with honey, sugar, artificial sweetener, fruit juice concentrate or any other sweetener.

Other uses for pectin: Aspic, jello, sorbet, yogurt,

Jelled: pie, milk, friut candy.


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