Portugallo Gluten Free Sauce

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Gluten Free - Mild Sauce
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Gluten Free - Mild Sauce / 355ml / Item #: 0254
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Since 2014, Portugallo™ Sauces has been sharing their authentic Portuguese flavours, exclusively made in Canada. Inspired by the love of food in a family owned and operated Portuguese Churrasqueria (Portuguese BBQ Chicken), Portugallo™ Sauces became a popular choice to pair with traditional Portuguese dishes, including the churrasqueria’s very own Charcoal BBQ Chicken. It didn’t take long for customers to start requesting Portugallo™ Sauces as a condiment (sandwiches, burgers, wraps), dip (fries, bread, shrimp), or a general go-to sauce to compliment all of their meals.

When “HOT” just isn’t enough, you need PORTUGALLO™ FLAMING HOT SAUCE. This sauce is 2X the heat of Portugallo™ Hot Sauce made with an extra hot blend of cayenne red peppers and chilli peppers for that full piquant ride.

The PORTUGALLO™ SPICY GARLIC SAUCE is 2X the heat of Portugallo™ Garlic Sauce made with a zesty, extra hot blend of cayenne red peppers for that full kick, and the same great garlic taste.

PORTUGALLO™ MILD SAUCE is light as a chicken feather, and contains the same balanced flavour of Portugallo™ Garlic Sauce… just without the garlic and virtually zero heat. This sauce is a perfect addition to all your culinary adventures, especially on chicken, steak, salmon, and even french fries!

The PORTUGALLO™ GARLIC SAUCE contains a light combination of sweet and balanced hints of garlic that pairs well with any meal. This is a mild sauce with plenty of flavour inspired by authentic Portuguese cuisine.

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