Powdered Almond Butter

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Low Fat Powdered Almond Butter Original
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Low Fat Powdered Almond Butter Original / 184g / Item #: 0323
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PB&Me products contain 90% less calories from fat than traditional almond spreads, at only 23 calories per tablespoon! PB&Me Traditional has high protein content with upwards of 5g of protein per serving, not to mention it is paleo and vegan friendly! Enjoy PB&Me guilt-free in your smoothies & shakes, as a spread, or use it as a baking ingredient in your favorite recipes

Traditional: PB&Me Traditional Powdered Almond Butter is made from premium almonds, sea salt and lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar. 

No Sugar Added: PB&Me Natural Powdered Almond Butter is made from premium almonds (Ingredients: 100% Almonds, that's it!)

Chocolate: PB&Me Chocolate Almond Butter is made with premium organic cocoa powder, almonds, sea salt and cane sugar.

QUALITY: Made with the best tasting premium ingredients - almonds, organic cane sugar and sea salt

FLAVOUR: Traditional (lightly sweetened)

LOW CALORIE: Less than 25 calories per tablespoon!

PROTEIN: 5g of protein per serving!

VERSATILITY: Great for smoothies & shakes, as a spread or as a baking ingredient

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