Toufayan Pita Bread and Wraps

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WRAPS - 9 inch
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WRAPS - 9 inch / 285g /FREEZE UPON RECEIPT / Item #: 1001
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IMPORTANT: Toufayan Bakery products are stable at room temperature for approximately 3-4 weeks. Please store at cool temperatures or in the freezer for a longer storage period.

Toufayan Pita Breads and Wraps will fit right into your healthy lifestyle. Originating from a traditional Middle East family recipe, the products are convenient and versatile. Pliable and delicious, they make great sandwiches, tacos, Fajitas, Sloppy Joes and even yummy appetizers when cut into smaller sizes. Enjoy them any time and share with family and friends, they will be surprised to find how much healthier these products are! Since they are so easy to prepare, kids will have a great time stuffing the pita breads or wrapping up hearty and healthy fillings themselves, so you can just sit back and relax! The products are also OU certified. Have fun and let your imagination run when preparing Toufayan Pita Breads and Wraps!

Enjoy some low carb and sugar free drinks together with your meal!

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