Werthers Original Caramels (Hard or Chewy)

Nutrition Facts

For the assorted Wether's the net carb in the nutritional information is based on the lowest carb flavor. Below is the carb count of the individual flavor. 

Caramel 5 pieces = 50 Calories, Total Carbs = 14, Sugar Alcohol = 7, Net Carb = 7.

Caramel Coffee 5 pieces = 40 Calories, Total Carbs = 15, Sugar Alcohol = 14, Net Carb = 1.

Caramel Apple 5 pieces = 50 Calories, Total Carbs = 12, Sugar Alcohol = 7, Net Carb = 2.

Werthers Original Caramel flavoured sweets melt in your mouth, and are now available with no added sugar. Using isomalt as a sugar subsitute, Werthers brings you delicious flavours like original caramel, caramel coffee, caramel apple and caramel mint.

Take a minute for yourself, and add a little extra sweetness to your day with Werthers.


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