Bakers Deluxe Low Carb Breads

SuperFlax Bread
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IMPORTANT: Baker’s Deluxe Low Carb Breads are stable at room temperature for approximately 15 days. Please store at cool temperatures or in the freezer for a longer storage period.

Bakers Deluxe breads are filled with protein, flax oil and fibre to keep you full for many hours. Cutting breads out of our diets may be one of the most challenging tasks for low carb dieters since traditional breads will raise your blood glucose level significantly. With Bakers Deluxe breads, you will notice that your blood glucose level is not as strongly affected. Moreover, with all the fibre in these products, you might also enjoy more regular bowel movements too!

Bakers Deluxe products are high in fibre and has none of the bad carbs so you can enjoy breads once again!

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Last Updated: 2022-01-26 14:58:31
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