Bakers Deluxe - SuperFlax Bread

SuperFlax Bread
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** This product is baked fresh weekly and ships Canada wide (will stay fresh 10 days at room temperature. Shipments outside Ontario/Quebec are shipped from our freezer stock for maximum freshness. Upon delivery, keep in refrigerator or freeze to preserve longer **

Introducing our hottest new bread product with 6g total carbs, 5 of which are fibre (for carb counters, 1 net carb) per 50g slice.

This bread is a nutritional powerhouse at just 100 calories per slice, low fat (the 3 grams of fat are primarily from the healthy oils of flax omega oils), and 12g of protein.

Made Exclusively for The Low Carb Grocery with PowerFlax Mix by RED SQUARE

Commentary from The Low Carb Grocery: We think both our loaf breads are great with their own unique qualities. While this bread costs a little more, it is significantly denser (750g) than our classic Bakers Deluxe Organic Multigrain bread (430g) and is lower in net carbs. This bread has a nuttier texture while the other is fluffier.  Our recommendation is to keep both types of breads handy to mix up your routine - keeps your diet interesting.

Last Updated: 2022-05-06 15:03:54
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