Baru Baron - Wild Dry Roasted Baru Seeds

Wild Dry Roasted Baru Seeds
Baru Baron
Wild Dry Roasted Baru Seeds / 20g / Item #: 0407
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Baru Baron is a Canadian, Toronto-based company focused on introducing and raising awareness of baru seeds and related products into Canada.

Baru seeds have been studied in Academia for the last 25+ years, with peer-reviewed articles published in respected journals such as PLOSone, the Journal of Food Research and Food Research International, the latter ones Canadian. The seeds are very nutritious, being rich in:

  • Protein
  • Healthy fats
  • Vitamin E antioxidants
  • Minerals
  • Dietary Fibre

 Baru seeds are a well-rounded natural food and certainly a great addition to vegan, paleo, and ketogenic diets.



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