Chase Guilt-Free Cocktail Mixer

Chase Cocktail Mixer - Cola
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Chase Cocktail Mixer - Mango Pineapple
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Chase Guilt-Free Cocktail Mixers are a great way to reduce the calories in your favourite drinks while keeping the flavours! At 0 calories and 0g of sugar these water enhancers are the easiest way to bring your favourite flavours with you to your next party. Simply pop the top, squirt and blend with any hard liquor to create a custom drink in seconds!    
Try these great combinations at your next party to be the host with the most: 

In 6 oz Glass combine the following and serve immediately: 
1 shot of Whisky |1-2 Squirts of Chase Cola Flavoured | Fill remainder of glass with Carbonated Water  

In blender combine the following & pour into your favourite glass to serve immediately:  
1 shot of Tequila | 2 Squirts of Chase Tropical Thunder Flavoured | Juice of 1 lemon wedge (about 1 tablespoon) | 6 oz of ice  

• 0 Sugar | 0 Calories  
•  Natural Flavours  
•  Enhanced with A+B Vitamins 
•  Mixes Instantly with ANY Hard Liquor 
•  30 Servings Per Bottle  

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