High Protein Low Carb Bread

Dimpflmeier PowerSlice Bread (previously Carb Smart Bread) is everything you have ever wanted in a slice of bread without any of the negative health consequences of refined starches and sugars. Crafted according to the authentic baking styles of German master bread makers, the superb quality and flavour of Dimpflmeier PowerSlice Bread is absolutely unmatched! Plus, it is made using only pure, wholesome ingredients and contains no artificial additives, preservatives, flavours or colours.

Dimpflmeier PowerSlice Bread’s ingredients list boasts a huge amount of nutrients! A proprietary blend of wheat, pea, lupin bean, whey, rice and egg white protein provides 15g of protein per slice. PowerSlice Bread is also made with brown and yellow flax seeds, sunflower seeds, oat fibre, psyllium seed husk and inulin from chicory root (a source of prebiotic fibre) to provide 3g of fibre and 4.5g of healthy fats per slice. These nutrients are essential for proper blood sugar control and appetite management as well as building and repairing muscles. Dimpflmeier PowerSlice Bread also contains zero sugars and just 1g of net carbs per slice. Each slice contains 110 calories, making it the perfect bread for those on any kind of low carb or weight loss diet.

Dimpflmeier Bakery was founded by Alfons Dimpflmeier, who trained as a Master Baker in Germany before bringing his skills to Canada in 1957. He used century-old recipes baked in stone ovens to produce the finest rye breads. Baking true rye bread requires the finest natural ingredients and a lengthy, painstaking preparation! The result is excellence in every slice that does not compare to mass-produced, store-bought white breads. Alfons Dimpflmeier’s commitment to quality is also what led him to purchase his own soft-water spring in Terra Cotta, Ontario. This natural spring water is what sets Dimpflmeier Bakery breads apart from baked goods available anywhere else in the world. Dimpflmeier’s spring water is rich in essential minerals that are found abundantly in the unspoiled countryside of Terra Cotta. These minerals provide several benefits to the body that you just can’t find in other breads made with purified or distilled water. Try Dimpflmeier PowerSlice Bread for yourself to taste and feel the difference quality makes!
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