Dimpflmeier PowerSlice Bread

Power Slice Bread (Previously Carb Smart Bread)
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Power Slice is here to change the relationship that you have with bread. It’s everything that you’ve ever wanted in a loaf without having to suffer the consequences. With 15 grams of Protein and only 1 net Carb per slice, Power Slice can support any lifestyle while still letting you eat delicious food.

Please note, this bread is shipped from frozen and should always be re-frozen upon receipt.  

For best quality results please see below shelf life for product.  

Stored at room temperature: Approximately 14 days.
Stored in fridge:  Approximately 2-3 weeks.
Stored in freezer: Approximately 3 months.  

Why we love these breads:  

  • 1g net carbs per slice
  • 15g of protein per slice
  • 3g of fibre per slice
  • Made using only pure, wholesome ingredients 
Last Updated: 2021-05-21 13:19:37
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