Dixie Diner - Spoonable Monk Fruit Blend - Sugar Replacement

Spoonable Monk Fruit Blend - Sugar Replacement
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It's easier to make the change with Dixie Diner Spoonable Monk Fruit.

This sugar replacement measures and tastes exactly like table sugar, so you don't need to overthink your low carb lifestyle! Add it to your tea or coffee, and use it in your recipes, you will never be disappointed with Dixie Diner's monk fruit sugar replacement.

This is why you should switch to spoonable monk fruit from Dixie Diner: 

  • No sugar alcohols
  • Polydextrose free
  • Zero net carbs
  • Measures like sugar in recipes
  • Tastes great!
Dixie Diner has other great low carb products. You don't have to deprive yourself of your favourite treats anymore. Check out more great stuff from Dixie Diner here. 


Last Updated: 2024-05-23 11:54:15
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