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Dukan Diet Granola - Vanilla Almond
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Enjoy the delicious flavor of Vanilla Almond/Apple Cinnamon Granola made with wholesome ingredients, including Oat Bran produced using Dr. Dukan's proprietary Milling and Sifting Index M2bisB6™, this index allows for a perfect size and purity of bran particles, which increases oat bran's absorptive qualities that help you feel full. Vanilla Almod Granola/Apple Cinnamon Granola also includes flax seed and the all-natural, no calorie sweetener lo han (monk fruit)*.

Dukan Diet Granola is delicious for breakfast or as a snack, either right out of the bag or with fat-free milk or yogurt.  It makes a great topping for your Dukan-friendly desserts. Combine it with Dukan Diet Goji Berries or Organic Chia Seeds to make your own superfood snack!

It is packed in a convenient, resealable stand-up pouch that is ideal for active dieters to take with them on the go.

Sweetened With Lo Han

*Lo han is a fruit that grows in China and has been used as both a sweetener and for its medicinal properties for hundreds of years. It is said to be 300 times sweeter than sugar so very little is typically needed. In the amounts it is typically used, it is essentially considered to be calorie-free with a negligible glycemic index and load. Some of its long-standing medicinal uses include: colitis, constipation, coughs, diabetes, diarrhea, digestion, hypoglycemia, longevity, sore throat, stress, sweet cravings, and weight loss

Lo Han Sweet advantages:

• Low Glycemic Index: Does not cause extreme fluctuations in blood sugar.

• Heat Stable: Very stable under high temperature, and can be added to both hot as well as cold foods—suitable for cooking and baking.

• Low Calorie: 2 calories per serving of 2 g (about ½ a teaspoon)


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