GG Scandinavian - GG Scandinavan Fiber Sprinkles

GG Scandinavan Fiber Sprinkles
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Get more fiber in your diet with GG Scandinavian Fiber Sprinkles.
Highly recommended by leading physicians and nutritionists, these healthy addition to your meal is kosher, low in calories, and diabetic-friendly!

Trying to lose weight or manage your weight? Sprinkle these unprocessed bran to help satisfy your hunger faster and control your appetite. 

This is why customers and experts love GG Scandinavian Fiber:


  • Only 3 grams of fiber per 7 grams of serving
  • Only 20 calories per serving
  • 2g of net carbs
  • Helps you feel fuller, faster
  • Diabetic friendly
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher
  • Great for baking, salads, cereals, and even desserts!


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Last Updated: 2021-11-02 21:39:09
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